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This is Chapter 10 of Getting Started with 3.x, produced by the OOoAuthors group. A PDF of this chapter is available from this wiki page. The PDFs are up to date for the second edition of the book, but not all of the wiki pages for this chapter have been updated yet.


This chapter provides general information about printing, exporting and e-mailing documents from Apache OpenOffice.

Quick printing

Click the Print File Directly icon PrintFileDir.png to send the entire document to the default printer defined for your computer.

Documentation note.png You can change the action of the Print File Directly icon to send the document to the printer defined for the document instead of the default printer for the computer. Go to Tools > Options > Load/Save > General and select the Load printer settings with the document option.

Controlling printing

For more control over printing, use the Print dialog (File > Print or Ctrl+P).

The Print dialog.

The Print dialog has four tabs from which you can choose a range of options as described in the following sections:

Documentation note.png Selections on the Printer Options dialog are different in Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw, but in all cases they apply to this printing of this document only.

For details, see the chapters on the various components. To specify default print settings for OOo, go to Tools > Options > - Print and Tools > Options > Open Writer - Print.

Selecting general printing options

On the General tab of the Print dialog, you can choose:

  • The printer (from the printers available)
  • Which pages to print, the number of copies to print, and whether to collate multiple copies (Range and copies section)
  • Whether to print any comments that are in the document, and where to print the comments.

Select the Properties button to display a dialog where you can choose portrait or landscape orientation, which paper tray to use, and the paper size to print on.

On the Options tab of the Print dialog (Figure 3), the last item, Use only paper tray from printer preference, is not available in Calc.

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