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Most documents go through many drafts. It is often useful to save all versions of a document. You can do this by saving a copy of the document (under a different name) after each revision, or by using Calc’s version feature.

Documentation caution.png If you do a Save As... of a document with different versions stored in it, the old versions are not saved in the new file.

To use version management in Calc:

  1. Choose File > Versions. The Versions dialog opens.
  2. Version management dialog
  3. Click the Save New Version button to save a new version.
  4. A dialog opens where you can enter comments about this version.
  5. Version comment dialog
  6. After you enter your comment and click OK, the new version is included in the version list.
  7. Updated version list

Now when you save the file, both versions are saved in the same file. From this point you can:

  • Open an old version – Select the version and click the Open button and a read-only copy of a previous version opens.
  • Compare all versions – Clicking the Compare button performs an action similar to merging documents together. An Accept or Reject Changes dialog opens showing all of the changes through the different versions.
  • Review the comments – Select a version and click the Show button to display the full comments made by yourself or other reviewers.
Documentation note.png The new file is bigger in size, as if there were actually two spreadsheets saved together.

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