Removing Personal Data

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Removing Personal Data

You may wish to ensure that personal data, versions, notes, hidden information, or recorded changes are removed from files before you send them to other people or create PDFs from them.

In Tools → Options → OpenOffice → Security → Options, you can set Apache OpenOffice to remind (warn) you when files contain certain information and remove personal information automatically on saving.

To remove personal and some other data from a file, go to File → Properties. On the General tab, uncheck Apply user data and then click the  Reset  button. This removes any names in the created and modified fields, deletes the modification and printing dates, and resets the editing time to zero, the creation date to the current date and time, and the version number to 1.

To remove version information, either go to File → Versions, select the versions from the list and click  Delete , or use Save As and save the file with a different name.

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