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The current release of does not include any example Base files. A proposal has been made on the mailing list that just such an example be constructed and submitted to for inclusion in the distribution files.

Main Goals

Support - The file should address a number of common tasks that users need to perform when constructing a business solution using Base.

Marketing - The file should, as much as possible, implement a real world business need. This solution should be extensive enough and polished enough for use by someone presenting / proposing adoption of to non-technical management in their organization.

Implementation / Integration

The example should be as self contained as possible. The ultimate realization of this would be the distribution of only an ODB file. Currently, this would not be possible and a supporting macro library would be required. The library file should be delivered as a uno.package easily integrated into an existing installion.

It would be desirable for the OO.o ( help files to be updated in such a way that a user could search for common tasks and have a help file entry refer them to the location in example database showing one possible solution for the task.

In keeping with the idea of having the example implement a real world scenario it should be written as a database application. Base and OpenOffice as a whole is the platform used to deliver this application.

    • I have spent a couple of days reviewing my OOOForum posts and associated databases, macros, files. My plan is that the databases with their forms, queries and reports can be merged. This consolidated database could be used as the baseline for the example to be build on.

A club membership database

Time Line

The goal would be to have the example database finished and contributed to sufficiantly soon enough as to make the next minor release of the package.


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