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For a faster view of the active sheet after having loaded a document, only formulas that are needed to display results could be compiled.

Brainstorming things to be done:

  • Upon load, store the raw ODFF string at the formula cell, similar to what is currently done, but a little different such that a subsequent request to obtain the result could determine the formula needs compilation.
    • Introduce a new internal token to represent this.
    • When saving to ODF again the raw string could be saved instead of composing it from individual tokens.
  • Do not invoke the document-wide CompileXML() for all formula cells.
    • As a consequence, no broadcasters/listeners are setup.
  • For all formula results that need to be accessed, either displayed on the currently viewed sheet or via API:
    • Compile ODFF string.
    • Gather cells and ranges that are required by this formula.
      • Setup listeners to those.
      • Recursively compile referenced cells.
  • The same needs to be done for conditional formatting to be displayed, as it can use a formula itself and/or refer to cell content.
  • Chart ranges of charts in the active view need to be inspected the same.
  • Defined names (ranges and formula expressions) should still be compiled after load to be accessible any time.


  • Any change in positioning of cells, move/insert/delete cells/columns/rows/sheets as a precondition will require compilation of the entire document, as only then the formula cells will be known that are affected by the change, to be able to update their references.
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