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Meeting 19.12.2007 9:30 AM Hamburg Time (UTC+1)

IRC channel for this first meeting will be #unhack-oo on


  1. create new Mailing list or use
  2. create a new IRC channel. something like #OOO-buildbot
  3. When will the next meeting take place?
  4. Should there be more than one Buildmaster?
  5. ...
  6. what issues have to get addressed to have a working process and who will address them
    • issues about the buildbot
      • how can maintainance be reduced. Update of scripts, centralized patches for milestones, known broken milestones, finished tagging triggers first builds of the next milestone
      • allow handling of multiple instsets
      • usability: have the "Branch to build" / "Revision to build" fields renamed /removed
    • issues about other needed infrastructure
  7. ...
  8. Q&A

Logfile: Media:Buildbot_Meeting_at_FreeNode-unhack-oo_log.odt

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