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  1. Create a Spreadsheet document and add a table with formatted cells. Show example
  2. Create a spreadsheet document and add a table. Show example
  3. Add Image Maps to your document. Show example
  4. Add a graphic as Illustration to your document. Show example
  5. Add graphics to your document. Show example
  6. Create a table and use cell merging. Show example
  7. Create a simple text table by using the TableBuilder class. Show example
  8. Don't do things twice. Create deep clones of any IContent object. Show example
  9. Accessing and manipulating common styles (style templates). Show example
  10. Create a Paragraph Collection from a long string by using the ParagraphBuilder. Show example
  11. Creating Footnotes and Endnotes. Show example
  12. Create any type of hyperlinks by using the XLink class. Show example
  13. Using the Header object and fill the heading text using the TextBuilder class. Show example
  14. Create a List with List Item objects. Show example
  15. Create a standard Paragraph with formatted text. Show example
  16. Create a simple Paragraph using the ParagraphBuilder. Show example
  17. Create a new TextDocument and use the OpenOfficeLib to do a print out. Show example

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