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Where can I checkout resp. download the source code or binaries?
The source code of AODL is stored within the CVS repository of the ODF Toolkits. On the following site you can browse the repository online and will also get information about how to check out the source code. ODF CVS Repository The source code as a downloadable file will follow within the next days and will be available through the ODF Toolkits project homepage. ODF Toolkit

Must be or parts of it installed for using AODL?
There is no need of a installation. The whole document handling is implemented inside AODL without dependicies on or it's API.
The only case where has to be installed is when you plan to use the small printer library which is available within AODL.

Can AODL be used with mono under Linux?
Yes, this is possible since there are no Microsoft specific dependicies.

Which version of the .net framwork is required by AODL?
AODL will need at minimum version 1.1 of the .net framework.

Is it possible to compile AODL with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C# Express Edition?
Yes, you can simply import the existing Visual Studio project file and compile the whole library.
However, the original project file is for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003.

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