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2010-03-22 Christoph Noack

Comments according to the request in the Community Council Minutes#2010-03-18.

I just list my comments and will mark those, who are very important to me...

General & Introduction

*Coding opportunities in the summer --> especially in the FOSS world or in general?
*Is there some fancier naming, e.g. "OOo Summer Campus" or "Schoool of Coding" ;-)

I have no objections against a better name, but doubt if Campus is as clear as Internship

*Can we ask the art team for a sign/symbol to establish a kind of branding for it? I hope that we will spread the news, and then things like that help a bit.


Join the "OOo Summer 2010 Internship"

*Are there any links to the previous programmes, so that people can have a look at it?

IMO those are not so relevant for this internship, that we should invite people to have a look.

How to Apply

*Important: Email one of the members --> What is the time range for the initial contact? The terms & conditions miss that point, too.

ASAP, since 'numbers' are limited. We have no rules on this. Only that the three months to do the work end October 31..

*Concerning the "numbers are limited". From my point of view, we should provide a hint that help is appreciated any time (but not within the programme).


*How many students are able to participate during this internship? Currently it is only possible to calculate that based on the available budget.

I woud guess 6 to 8

Supervisory Team

*Is it important who the founding members are (specifically: founding, not members *g*). Why should the students contact the team directly ... and look up the names manually from the developer list? Wouldn't it be better to either directly state the names or to have a mailing list (if people want to ask in public)?

Adding their e-mail addresses makes sense yes ;-)

*From my point of view, "join" sounds better than "will automatically be added". 


*But, later it is talked about mentors who may consult the Supervisory Team, although they are part of it. Maybe it would be more clear to have a Supervisory Team and Mentors. 

Indeed. I changed to "Help the indiviual mentors to decide about ..."

*Important: Decide on projects --> How is this done? Are there any formal rules, e.g. a small description of why / how / ... ?

It is within the developers competence that thay able to do this, IMO

Terms & Conditions

*Important: What are the deliverables in general? Is it about code in a tested CWS, documentation, blog postings (to keep the public informed...)? It should be more clear what we expect.

IMO we only alk about code in this internship.

*Important: "4. Accepted projects and results will be listed on the wiki" --> Do we want to state the names of the participants. Because of privacy concerns, we should make clear what we want (them?) to publish. Maybe it would be good to state in advance whether we think to work in public or closely (privately) with the mentor. 

I have added a line about what an "Accepted project" is. Futher the work is done how the student and mentor find useful. Presence & communication via IRC and mail lists belong to the possibilities.

 *Important: "6. At the end of the project..." --> How is the end of the project determined? Is it the end date of the internship programme? Or are there any other rules? By the way, does the evaluation refer to the "successfully finished project". I'm sure it is meant, but we should be really clear since we provide a lot of money for each project. 

Added few words there. On the other hand: it is hard to capture all possibilities in stringent rules. It is the responsibility and intention of the mentor & team to help the students to finish the project so successful as possible.

*Important: "6.1 ... plus formal rules" --> What rules do you think about? Again, I don't know what is expected from the participants. We ask them to work for three months full-time, so this should be clear to avoid any disappointment. 

IMO it is not so unclear that change is needed...

*"6.2 In case of doubt..." --> Maybe this can be formulated a bit more positive :-) Let's try "The Supervisory Team will assist both the mentor and the participant if any issues arise or if they have any questions."

Added few words.

 *"8. Payments..." --> How are the payments made? If we require the student to own an account, we should mention that (still some people don't have one). 

No idea. Maybe they can travel to Hamburg to receive a cheque?

*What does happen if the project doesn't finish successfully - e.g. if something strange happens? Might there be a decisioin of the Supervisory Team to compensate the participants (partly?).

If that is reasonable, I am sure it will happen.

Possible Projects

*Important: We should ask for a review of the ToDo list in the wiki. I'm sure there are many old items to be found ... also from the UX project ;-) So before we go public, let's ask the project leads or the project teams.


Finally, my deepest thanks to Cor for caring about the project. Please tell me if you require some help to implement the proposed changes or resolve the adressed issues! 

My deepest thanks for your good reading and suggestions!

 --ChristophNoack 23:11, 22 March 2010 (UTC)

--cornouws 23:06, 28 March 2010 (UTC)

Other Comments

Just wondering : why the Education Project, who proposes and does (since a long time) receive students, mentor and manage them for writing code, and finally simply contribute to has *not* beeing invited, nor mentionned there ?

Ericb 07:30, 11 June 2009 (UTC)

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