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Community Council

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Minutes of Meetings


Attendees: Andreas Bartel, Matthias Hütsch, Louis Suarez-Potts, Eike Rathke,  Stefan Taxhet
absent: Jürgen Schmidt
Minute Taker: Martin Hollmichel

Some discussion about the Councils offer of their availability as community contacts to Oracle.


Attendees: Andreas Bartel, Matthias Hütsch, Eike Rathke, Jürgen Schmidt, Stefan Taxhet
absent: Louis Suarez-Potts
Minute Taker: Martin Hollmichel


  • Budget 2011
  • Internship 2010
  • Internship 2011
  • activities of the project

Budget 2011

It was agreed on the 2011 budget (with a slightly higher amount as 2010 ) and with similar numbers as in 2010.

Internship 2010

Jürgen will write up a summary regarding the internship 2010 (AI Jürgen), this should be published soon. Jürgen stated that the internship was quite successful and many of the results are expected to get integrated into the code.

There was a longer discussion on how sustainable these internships are, quite controversially. Even if interns don't show up after their internship has been finished and we don#t see them all acting as multiplicators it seems useful to run the Internship again.

Activities of the project

There's a lack of visibility of the project between releases. We are in the moment too weak on PR and other things. The 3.3 release had some good coverage in the press.

Contributions from non Oracle developers have decreased. It was suggested to invest in areas of the product where it is easy for 3rd party vendors to provide their own work. We already have a good basis for this with the template and extension repositories.

For the Templates site there is some room for improvement:

  • better and more templates
  • leveraging the voting system
  • better search capabilities, better categorization
  • better integration in the template dialog, integrated search etc.

In some areas similar applies for the extension site.

Also the integration of content feeds (blogs, news, other references) within the startup were discussed (like Netbeans, MS Developer Studio, etc. do).

Preparation for the upcoming 3.4 release are ongoing, activities in the QA and l10n projects are recovering again from last years “event”.

Internship 2011

Plan is to prepare internship for 2011 with focus with above topics (template and extension site integration), Stefan will ask for providing mentorship again. Especially the re-design of the template dialog might require some more efforts, more money will be put on this if required.

Action Items

  • 2011-04-01-01 : Jürgen to provide summary about internship 2010
  • 2011-04-01-02 : all: collect possible requirements for templates and extensions integration
  • 2011-04-01-03 : Stefan: ask for mentor-ship support

Archived Meeting Minutes

The following pages archive the old meeting minutes of the Community Council:

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