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Meeting Details

  • 2010-07-12, 4:00 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • IRC: dave_largo
  • IRC: phaoUNTOtom
  • IRC: lutzh


  • Round Table

Action Items

Comments on Action Items

Round Table

  • see IRC log


(4:03:38 PM) mode (+o frankl) by ChanServ
(4:06:49 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX [~ab222849@nat/sun/x-zlhxqhfuxxilphyy] entered the room.
(4:08:15 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX: hi frank
(4:08:39 PM) frankl: Hi Andreas
(4:09:09 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX: I'd to point everyones attention to the latest developer snapshot
(4:09:17 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX: it can be downloaded here
(4:09:19 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX:
(4:09:40 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX: it includes changes from the Renaissance Project
(4:11:29 PM) frankl: Renaissance for Writer. We have started with a planning document for Writer, similar to the one we have created for Impress.
(4:12:18 PM) frankl: It is about writing, formatting and navigating text documents.
(4:12:41 PM) frankl: I will give an update on details as soon as possible.
(4:13:37 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX: very nice Frank! finally some changes across applications
(4:14:19 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX: ok. that's basically it from my side today. Please have a look at m84 and give feedback!
(4:20:21 PM) lutzh [~lutz@nat/sun/x-uapztwaitortzifa] entered the room.
(4:20:21 PM) mode (+o lutzh) by ChanServ
(4:22:16 PM) phaoUNTOtom [~phaoUNTOt@] entered the room.
(4:23:48 PM) frankl: So anything else for todays status report?
(4:26:57 PM) Andreas_Sun_UX: ok then, talk to you next week! and out ...
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