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Meeting Details

  • 2009-07-20, 4:10 PM CET
  • IRC details:

In Attendance

  • Martin Damboldt (IRC: mdamboldt)
  • Frank Loehmann (IRC: frankl)
  • Andreas Bartel (IRC: Andreas_sun)
  • Christoph Lukasiak (IRC: clu_sun)
  • Elizabteh Matthis (IRC: lizm)


  • Round Table

Action Items


Comments on Action Items


Round Table


== IRC Log ==
(3:55:24 PM) mode (+o frankl ) by ChanServ
(4:10:11 PM) lizm: ->frankl: are we having the meeting today?
(4:11:10 PM) frankl: Yes.
(4:11:41 PM) clu_sun [n=cl114686@nat/sun/x-77a429fe7346a6be] entered the room.
(4:13:40 PM) lizm: Oh good and I see that CLU is here too. Hello guys!
(4:13:50 PM) frankl: Hi!
(4:13:52 PM) lizm: So what's new?
(4:14:29 PM) frankl: We have a new variant (#3) for 'Floating Toolbar' prototype
(4:16:05 PM) frankl: This new prototype shows the navigation on top of the toolbar area. This could be used to minimize toolbar and to open it on demand as an overlay over the document.
(4:17:19 PM) frankl: We have visited a custimer in Hamburg and did a first disaster check. The 'Floating Toolbar' prototype has clearly passed the test! Very positive feedback. Scrolling and tabbed toolbar prototypes could not keep up with this design.  
(4:18:25 PM) lizm: is #3 really a chat room name or did you just mean the number three? It is blue and when I click it and go there I don't know anyone.
(4:18:32 PM) IZBot: no issue with number 3
(4:18:57 PM) lizm: Oh, now I see mine is blue too, so it is an automatic blue label from IRC.
(4:20:16 PM) frankl: OK
(4:20:17 PM) frankl: The new live sorter view with full editing and object moving capabilities (also from one slide to another) is a real 'wow' feature. The customer asked us when this will be implemented.
(4:21:20 PM) lizm: Great to hear that the floating toolbar was well-received by the testers. Oh yes and the live sorter is good for me too. I'm glad the testers/customers liked it
(4:21:44 PM) frankl: We still publish updates of the prototype on a daily basis:
(4:22:19 PM) frankl: and we document the steps made and planned within the mini minutes section.
(4:23:30 PM) frankl: This week is the last week for prototyping. We focus to create a prototype that could be used to test user interaction while working on a simple presentation.
(4:25:10 PM) lizm: Does that mean that the prototype created by the end of this week will be the one used in usability tests in the upcoming weeks?
(4:25:47 PM) frankl: Yes. The customer we visited for the first check of our prototype will also do some testing in their UX lab.
(4:26:10 PM) lizm: sounds good
(4:26:34 PM) lizm: How many testers will there be or is that not clear yet?
(4:28:03 PM) frankl: I think 5-7 testers should be OK. We will do the same tests here @ Sun with our sales and marketing people.
(4:28:42 PM) lizm: oh, real guinea pigs :-)
(4:29:23 PM) frankl: Maybe we can alos do this test as a comparison with classic OOo.
(4:29:46 PM) lizm: That would be good to have metrics to compare
(4:30:00 PM) lizm: before and after
(4:30:58 PM) lizm: Can other people in the community run the tests on their friends or colleagues or do the tests have to be run by a trained UX professional?
(4:32:34 PM) frankl: Currently I have no concrete plan to do this, but I have also though about this too. I think we should discuss this with Christoph Noack in our call tomorrow.
(4:33:56 PM) lizm: OK
(4:34:17 PM) lizm: He might have some guinea pigs too :-)
(4:34:50 PM) lizm: I used to have one named Timothy, but he died when I was in 2nd grade. I love guinea pigs. ;-)
(4:35:20 PM) frankl: I am focusing to define the content of the toolbars. Furthermore I have to ensure that we have everything on board to do the UX testing by end of this week.  :-)
(4:36:34 PM) lizm: OK. Sounds like you are going well with it. BTW I want to blog today or tomorrow about Renaissance so be watching for that.
(4:36:54 PM) frankl: OK.
(4:37:09 PM) frankl: No more news from my side.
(4:38:08 PM) lizm: OK thanks for updating everyone and for all your dedicated work.
(4:38:51 PM) frankl: See you tomorrow! Bye.
(4:38:54 PM) lizm: I'm glad that you are in charge while Andreas is on leave for the next 5 weeks.
(4:38:57 PM) lizm: Bye!
(4:39:26 PM) lizm: Bye clu_sun, you talkative guy!
(4:39:39 PM) clu_sun: bye
(4:39:45 PM) lizm: :-)
== IRC Log ==
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