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This is a 'Work in Progress' page about the implementation of the feature Improve slide layouts and their handling which is part of the Renaissance:Impress project.

Current State

Short video demonstration of the current state [link]

My current implementation of the new insert slide and assign layout floaters looks like this

There are still two missing layout images so please ignore the duplicate images in this screen shot. As you may have noticed I moved the grip handler from the top to the bottom (you can already see these handlers on the zoom toolbar control for example). This was an idea from Philipp Lohmann since the position at the top was kind of iterating because of its mouse over highlighting as soon as the user moves the mouse from the toolbar control down to the pop-ups content.

The following images show the same pop-ups if complex text layout is enabled

You will notice that in complex text layout mode there are additional headings "Horizontal" and "Vertical". This was needed to differentiate between the different kinds of layouts. Since we now group outline,image,table,chart and movie placeholders together, the visualization of the placeholder icons without text lines gives no longer a clue about the text direction.

Therefore the preview images for "Title, Content" and "Title, Vertical Content" look the same so the titles are separate the different kinds of layouts.

By using the grip handler at the bottom of the pop-up windows you can already drag them away so they stay open as floating windows. Then they will look as follows

Open Issues

  • I can put the pop-ups in floating mode but they can not be docked like the toolbars or f.e. the navigator. For OOo 3.3 this seems to be impossible as I need Carsten Driesners new docking framework to to it right.
  • The plus signs in the insert slide windows looks a little odd.
  • Still some paint issues with the control backgrounds
  • 2 layout preview images still missing
  • Keyboard handling needs to be checked
  • Selection behavior of the value sets is broken in ctl mode when there are 2 valuesets
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