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Please do not edit this page unless you are on the Renaissance team. Your feedback and comments are welcomed on the mailing list.
Renaissance Logo.png

Welcome to the wiki of the Renaissance Project.

Our Mission

Create a User Interface so that becomes the users' choice not only out of need, but also out of desire”

Project Charter

Project Phases

  • Research - Know and understand users to better meet their needs.
  • Design - Generate and accumulate design ideas to create prototypes based on valid data.
  • Evaluate - Evaluate promissing solutions.

Project Action Items

Phase item / Description Owner Status Results Outcome Compete Due Date user survey / User Survey Results 2008. FL/CJ in progress - Survey Results 90% January 2009
IsoMetrics Results / IsoMetrics-S Survey Results from VBG. AB in progress - IsoMetrics Results End of January 2009
ODF document analysis with ODFTOOLKIT / First attempt to create an ODF analyzer. AB in progress - ODF document analysis with ODFTOOLKIT 10%
enhance user survey to ask users for tasks they do with OOo FL in progress 20% End of January 2009
Usage tracking (3.0.1 release) CJ in progress 80% End of January 2009
Usage tracking (3.1 release) CJ in progress 50% same as OOo 3.1 release
Ethnogrphic interviews AB new Mid of April 2009
CA (Competitive Analysis) BH in progress 20% Mid of March 2009
Community feedback in progress unsorted Feedback on mailing list
Customer feedback open
Focus groups open
Site visits, user and customer satisfaction

General Information

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How You Can Help

Get Involved/Share Ideas

  • You may join the UX project, just have a look at How To Join.
  • A first contact to the team can be established in the IRC chat at on
  • Join the weekly status meetings. The meeting takes place on IRC at on The meetings is scheduled for 4pm CET.

Share Ideas

Share your cool user interface ideas on

Fix bugs

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