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The draft specification can be found [http://specs.openoffice.org/impress/extensions/PresenterScreen.odt here].
* [http://specs.openoffice.org/impress/extensions/PresenterScreen.odt draft specification]
* [http://specs.openoffice.org/impress/extensions/PresenterScreenDesigns.odp design mockups]

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The presenter screen for Impress is a feature (currently in development) that aids a presenter during a slide show. It provides information on a second screen, that typically is not visible to the audience. This includes

  • a view to the currently displayed slide (for when the presenter faces the audience and can not see the primary screen)
  • a preview of the next slide or next effect
  • the notes of the current slide
  • the current time and/or the elapsed time
  • navigation buttons for going to the previous/next slide

Here is how it looks at the moment (left the full screen presentation, right the Presenter Screen):

Primary screen visible by the audience      Secondary screen visible by the presenter

The presenter screen is planned to be an extension. However, some core libraries will have to be modified and extended to support the presenter screen extension.

Presenter screen is a working title. It is sometimes called Presenter View or Presenter Console.


The draft specification can be found here.

Development has begun and there is a working prototype in the presenterview child work space.

A developer snapshot is available from the Presenter Screen/Developer Snapshot page.



The description of the implementation of the presenter screen has its own page: Presenter Screen/Implementation.

Team and Contact

Please use the dev@graphics.openoffice.org mailing list for questions, comments, problem reports or if you want help develop the Presenter Screen.

The following people are currently working on the presenter screen:

Presenter Screen

The Presenter Screen is a feature for Impress that gives the presenter information during a presentation that is not visible to the audience. This information appears on a second screen and thus requires that at least two screens are present, for example a laptop computer and a beamer. At the moment this includes:

  • A live view of the current slide. This view shows the current slide exactly like the audience sees it, together with any effects.
  • A static preview of the next slide. This allows the presenter to prepare for the next slide before the audience can see it.
  • A clock shows the current time.
  • The notes of the current slide are displayed in a rather large font so that the presenter has not to be directly in front of the screen.
  • A tool bar has some navigation buttons and shows the number of the current slide and the total number of slides in the slide show.
  • (not yet fully implemented) A slide sorter can be displayed on demand for fast navigation to a specific slide.

This set of controls and their individual capabilities is not yet final. For example:

  • The static preview of the next slide could be a static or even a live preview of the next effect. This is important when for example there is bullet list whose entries appear one by one. It would be important for the presenter to see at least the next entry.
  • The clock could show the time elapsed since the start of the presentation.
  • The notes view does not yet show the mark up of the notes text.

Focus and Keyboard

With two screens showing the presentation at the same time the problem of focus handling arises. One solution is to avoid this problem by

  1. having no control on the Presenter Screen that accepts or even grabs the focus,
  2. let the Presenter Screen react to key presses in the same way the full screen presentation would.


  • Finalize specification
  • Finish implementation
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