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Documentation caution.png This page belongs to version 3 and earlier. Current new translators start on

This page belongs to version 3 and earlier.

Working together with L10n Team L10n provides localized builds for many languages. Joining your native language project is a great opportunity to help making reach more users. Browse the languages list and get in touch with project leads.

To get in touch with the general translation community please come and say hello on the mailing list (browse archive).

For translation teams, with every new milestone (version of code) we provide source messages from both UI and Help to be translated.

From translation teams, we need a translation file, a SDF/GSI file containing all the English strings translated into your language (or at least 80% UI translated).

Translation teams have the possibility to maintain a localized web site at (xx being a language code) if they become a native language project in the Native Language Confederation, translate user documentation published on the wiki, upload localized templates and localize templates and extensions repositories web sites. It is possible to prepare and publish locale data, spellcheck and thesaurus dictionaries, hyphenation patterns and autocorrect data as well as advanced grammar checking support.


Click here to view general information on translating using either Pootle or using Gettext PO and managing translations outside Pootle.

Starting a new localization project

First thing is to prepare new language or locale support and submit it for integration.

Testing localized builds

Testing your localized builds

I need help is a large and complex project, so it is particularly difficult for a newcomer. Don't feel discouraged if you become confused or can't get an overview of the project.

In any case, we are all here to help each other. Please ask on the mailing list if you have any problems. We will work things out together.

Good luck with your localization. :)

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