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  1. provide Options dialog for Alpha 2
  2. talk to MBA about Howie's participation
  3. talk to Thomas Mitzka on more MediaWiki Extension/Use Cases (met with Thomas, notes TBD)
  4. Open Dialog
  5. Error Strings
  6. collect input from/with marketing to launch Alpha x in the extension repository.
  7. Create OOo template or? MediaWiki.oth that looks a bit like a MediWiki page /wrt styles, see MediaWiki Extension/Meetings#6-Sep-2007
  1. propagate new inline progress control


  1. add query with MediaWiki Tasks to our MediaWiki Extension home page
  2. Clarify if the MediaWiki filter is installed and enabled for OOo 2.3 -- according to the spec it should be preinstalled.

-> Yes, it should but is currently not: issue 82028


  1. check sources with LGPL licenses into CWS
  2. develop Alpha 2
  3. add HelpIDs to the UI


  1. Find typical Use Cases for MediaWiki
    1. Wikipedia
    2. oo-wiki
    3. Ubuntu-wiki
  2. What are common/typical extensions for MediaWiki installations?
  3. We need a positive list of MediaWiki tags that we support and a negative list of tags that we do not support.
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