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estimated release date May 22nd, 2009:

Release Notes

95568 	DEFECT 	Connection name is garbage when setting up wiki without user
99196 	DEFECT 	It is not possible to export to Wikipedia any more.
88682 	DEFECT 	[MWEx] Provide a query whether existing wiki page should be
95340 	DEFECT 	[MWEx] cannot connect MediaWiki with $wgLanguageCode = "ja"
100984 	DEFECT 	[Automation] Remove "MediaWiki" from the XML Filter Tests
82760 	ENHANC 	[MWEx] rename and make it accessible in th
90840 	ENHANC 	Improve export of tables by Wiki export filter.
99462 	ENHANC 	Remove MediaWiki-filter from OOo installation.
99674 	ENHANC 	New base version 3.0 for the Wikie Publisher extension
81373 	PATCH 	[MWEx] Export filter "MediaWiki" fails to export formulas in
96279 	PATCH 	wiki sun publisher extension does not work on linux (oo2.4 a
99703 	PATCH 	Workaround the bug in XALAN xslt parser.
88650 	DEFECT 	[MWex] grammar error in error message

1.0 QA Approved

Release Date
February 2008

Release Candidate 1

Release Date
December 2007

Product Backlog

  • localization
  • integrated help
  • ...

Alpha 4

Release Date
MediaWiki Options move to Internet node.

Alpha 3

Release Date
13 December 2007
Writer support (add To MediaWiki... command to Writer-File-Send)
Passwords are saved.
string review by MMP

Alpha 2

Release Date
26 November 2007
inline progress indicator for Send dialog (according to spec)
HTTPS support (show alert if unknown certificate needs to be accepted)
Options panel (temporary under Tools-Writer-MediaWiki)

Alpha 1

Release Date
October 2007
This release will focus on export of Writer/web documents directly to a MediaWiki.
File-Send submenu gets a new command to send documents to the Wiki
OOo 2.3's XSLT Transformation is used
Alpha 1 is English only
Alpha 1 is HTTP only
Alpha 1 is Writer/Web only
Alpha 1 does not have final Send, Login dialog
Alpha 1 has no progress indicator yet.
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