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Collection of pitfalls and solutions regarding the extension development

Could not create Java implementation loader

When installing an extension containing a java service, then a message box may appear reading "Could not create Java implementation loader".

  1. If this happens on Ubuntu, install the "openoffice.org-java-common" package.
  2. This may also happen when one wants to debug Java in the office process and therefore has provided the debug options for Java in the options dialog. The Java service of the extension will be registered in a separate process (uno.exe) which also needs to start Java. This Java uses the same settings from the options dialog. For example:


    If there is also a Java running in the office process, then the creation of the virtual machine in the second process will fail. The reason is, that the latter receives the same debug settings. It appears that two virtual machines, although in separate processes, cannot use the same port for debugging. If one changes the port number before adding the extension (and after the Java has been created in the office process), then the extension will be installed properly.

    The same effect can be seen when running "unopkg gui". When installing the second Java component then a second uno.exe is created and the creation of the virtual machine in this process will fail.

  3. Possible Work-Arounds

    If you receive this message and think it is not related to the above mentioned problem the following work-arounds might help:

    - Rename/Remove your openoffice.org user folder. (e.g. in Ubuntu it is .openoffice.org2/user in your home directory)

    - Go into Options and uncheck Java/"Use a Java runtime environment." Restart OpenOffice and try to enable the extension again. Receive the same error. Return the check to the "Use a Java runtime environment" box.

    - Succinct instructions for dealing with this issue are available from the OOoForum.org forum here.

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