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List of Calc Array functions

The Array functions operate on or return arrays, that is rectangular blocks of data. Some of these functions require the formula to be entered as an 'array formula'. See here to learn about arrays in Calc.

FREQUENCY returns an array, categorising values of a data set into given intervals.
GROWTH returns an array of values for an exponential least squares fit to known data pairs.
LINEST returns an array of statistics for a straight line that best fits a data set.
LOGEST returns an array of statistics for an exponential curve that best fits a data set.
MDETERM returns the determinant of a matrix (array).
MINVERSE returns the inverse of a matrix (array).
MMULT multiplies two matrices (arrays).
MUNIT returns a unit matrix (array) of a given size.
SUMPRODUCT returns the sum of the products of corresponding array elements.
SUMX2MY2 returns the sum of the differences between corresponding squared elements of two matrices (arrays).
SUMX2PY2 returns the sum of the squares of all elements of two matrices (arrays).
SUMXMY2 returns the sum of the squared differences between corresponding elements of two matrices (arrays).
TRANSPOSE returns an array with its rows and columns transposed.
TREND fits a straight line to a data set using linear regression and returns points on that line.

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