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If you have questions or comments related to the chart you have several choices:
If you have questions or comments related to the chart you have several choices:
* Use the forum [http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewforum.php?f=34 OOo Community Forum on Charts]
* Use the forum [http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/index.php OOo Community Forum on Calc]
* Use the mailing list [http://graphics.openoffice.org/servlets/SearchList?listName=dev dev@graphics.openoffice.org]
* Use the mailing list [http://graphics.openoffice.org/servlets/SearchList?listName=dev dev@graphics.openoffice.org]
* Use the chat [irc://freenode/chart2.openoffice.org #chart2.openoffice.org] on freenode
* Use the chat [irc://freenode/chart2.openoffice.org #chart2.openoffice.org] on freenode

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The Chart module was exchanged completely on the way to OpenOffice.org 2.3 (starting with SRC680_m213). This is the basis for further enhancements and long awaited features.

This page documents ongoing work, implemented and still missing features. It also links to further useful information around the chart.

Helping with the Chart

Example Chart made with OpenOffice.org 2.3 (ods-file see File:ProgrammingLanguages.ods)


If you are new to OpenOffice.org development have a look at the more general pages first:

The file format used for OpenOffice.org is the ODF format.

If you like to help developing the chart, you can find useful information at the following places:

The CVS module for the chart implementation is chart2. It is a submodule of the graphics project. The chart implementation makes heavy use of UNO (Universal Network Objects), thus it would be good to learn about UNO first. The new chart does support a published stable UNO API com::sun::star::chart for external use. There is also an internal API com::sun::star::chart2. The internal API is not published and is not guaranteed to be stable. It is subject to further changes - so don't count on it in scripts or something! Furthermore several things you can set with the internal API will not be saved by the application. So for stable work please use the published standard chart API com::sun::star::chart.

If you have questions or comments related to the chart you have several choices:

To find a concrete task to work on, check the issue queries of open chart bugs and features. Maybe there is something that catches your interest:


Task Target Status
Bubble Charts OOo 3.x planned
Error Bars for X values OOo 3.x planned
Placement of axes and axes lables OOo 3.1 in progress
RTL Chart (Issues for an Arabic version) OOo 3.1 in progress
Plotting of missing values (leave gap,assume zero,continue line) OOo 3.1 done
Select 'Range' for error bars OOo 3.0 done
Starting angle for pie charts - rotation of pie charts OOo 3.0 done
Clockwise pie chart OOo 3.0 done
Title for secondary y axis OOo 3.0 done
Ease editing regression lines (trendlines) OOo 3.0 done
resolution dependent chart prints and pdf export OOo 2.4 done
Allow removing data point labels with delete key OOo 2.4 done
Better automatic positions for lables on pie segments OOo 2.4 done
More flexible placement of labels on data points OOo 2.4 done
Allow to display each part of a data label in a separate line OOo 2.4 done
Display both value and percentage as data point label OOo 2.4 done
Number format for data labels OOo 2.4 done
Display bars on different axis next to each other OOo 2.4 done
Enable reverse scales on axes OOo 2.4 done
Display equations for regression lines OOo 2.4 done

Child-workspaces after OOo 2.4

CWS Description Target Based on/integrated into Status
calcchartrtl01 Arabic Issues OOo 3.1 DEV300m26 In development
chart30 3.1 Issues OOo 3.1 DEV300m23 In development
chart24 Features OOo 3.x DEV300m0 In development
chart22 Features OOo 3.1 DEV300m29 Integrated
chart28 Bug fixes OOo 2.4.2? and OOo 3.0 OOH680m17 Integrated in DEV300m20
chart29 Bug fixes OOo 3.0 DEV300m27 Integrated
chart27 Bug fixes OOo 3.0 DEV300m23 Integrated
chart25 Bug fixes OOo 3.0 DEV300m18 Integrated
odfversionedexport Bug fixes OOo 3.0 DEV300m17 Integrated
chart23 Bug fixes OOo 3.0 DEV300m6 Integrated
chart20 Features OOo 3.0 DEV300m2 Integrated
chart19 Features OOo 3.0 SRC680m248 Integrated
chart26 Bug fixes OOo 2.4.1 and OOo 3.0 OOH680m12 and DEV300m13 Integrated


If you want to help the QA team have a look at the QA contribution page. You can help a lot with identifying new problems or verifying fixed and integrated issues!

Download the latest developer snapshot and give it a try. When you find a bug please check whether someone else already did submit an issue for that problem. The following issue list can help you with the research:

If the problem is unknown you are welcome to submit a new issue. Thanks a lot for your help!

Other Contributions

For other kinds of contributions like graphics, documentation, translation, marketing take a look at this page.

Implemented Chart Features

Open Chart Features

Basic Macro Examples

Also have a look at the BASIC Developers Guide!


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