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Documentation note.png Please do not edit this page, because the final Renaissance Logo has been chosen. The rest of the page - including the introduction - will be kept for historical reasons.


This page lists the proposals for the logo of Project Renaissance. It is intended to allow people to easily view and compare all the designs submitted so far. At the moment, there is no final deadline for the logo; it is ready when it is ready ;-) Thank you!

Add your proposal: Please add your proposal and announce your submission at the mailing list.

Discuss the proposals: If you want to share your opinion then please discuss it in the original thread Request for logo graphic "Renaissance Project" at

Where will the logo most propably be used?

  • Internet (wiki, web site, blog entries)
  • Presentations
  • ...

Requirements and wishes: The logo should...

  • show the text "Renaissance" - This is what the logo is about. You may add "project" or to communicate the relationship with the whole project. But the emphasis should be on "Renaissance".
  • be fresh and simple - avoid the old fashioned style of the Renaissance epoc
  • comprise the ideas of the Renaissance epoch - Make clear that it is about humanism, progress, culture, ...
  • avoid old fashioned style - The logo avoids the old fashioned style of the Renaissance epoch :-)


Christoph Noack

Renaissance Logo.png

RenaissanceLogo userChristophNoack 2.png

Jens Habermann

Ren 2.png




Stella Schulze


Jaron Kuppers

RenaissanceLogo userJaronBaron 1.png

RenaissanceLogo userJaronBaron 2.png

RenaissanceLogo userJaronBaron s1.png

Nikash Singh


Ivan Miskovic

Final Proposal

Final Proposal Brighter Variant

Source Files

Previous Proposals

Based on Nik's Proposal, using the free Qlassik font

Alternate proposal with improved 'R' shape, Qlassik font applied to the word 'project' and light gradient curve in the background

Birdless proposal using black to yellow gradient

Final Proposal Darker Variant

How it would look in the Wiki

Some simple mockups created with a graphics program.
Mockup of the "Alternate proposal with improved 'R' shape, Qlassik font applied to the word 'project' and light gradient curve in the background"
Mockup of the "Birdless proposal using black to yellow gradient"

Clément Pillias

Final Decision for Logo created by "Ivan Miskovic"

The Renaissance core team did chose Ivan's Logo during the weekly status meeting 2009-01-19. A copy of Frank Loehmann's original mail has been forwarded to the art mailing list 2009-01-20. A big thank you to all the contributors who provided so much input!

Final Logo for the Renaissance Project

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