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A loose gathering of resources and ideas about the Agile Experiment in developing PDF-Import in 2007.


Time Frame

From 5.11.2007: 4-6 weeks

Possible Iterations:

  1. 8.11. - 21.11.
  2. 22.11. - 5.12.
  3. 6.12. - 19.12.

Practices to Adopt


  • Scrum roles (Product Owner, Team, Scrum master)
  • Colocation
  • Team that includes definition, code-writing and testing together
  • Time Boxing
  • Continuous testing
  • Short, fixed-time iterations
  • Daily (or more frequent) integration + builds
  • "Scope" is variable <=> "time", "cost" and "quality" are fix.
  • Regular reflection

Agile Methodolgy in General

Agile Manifesto

English descriptions

German descriptions (as most team members are german, these may be useful)


Product Backlog

- (Link to the Product Backlog page for this project) -

Example and description of a Product Backlog

Hints for the Product Backlog Maintainer

Characteristics of User Stories

User stories shall be "INVESTed":

  • independent
  • negotiable
  • valuable
  • estimable
  • small
  • testable

Iteration Backlogs

(Link to the Iteration Backlog pages)

Other Pages

Writer/ToDo/PDF Import

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