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Imagine that there is a list of perhaps 10000 electronic journal titles from an internet source as the Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek or the Master Journal List of Thomson Reuters for example. Imagine further that there is a website containing hundreds of search records from PubMed or from another bibliographic database. Copy the whole list or all the records and put them into a form field of a webbased system, built only by HTML and Javascript, and you will see, that all journal titles or journal articles are detected by the system and added to the stored titles or articles, so that they can be searched and linked together with about 500 subject terms. Contents-Linking already contains 60000 electronic journal titles and about 40000 journal articles from several bibliographic databases which are stored in this way. Journal titles and articles can be connected to each other and searched by subject terms. Of course, more subject terms and library locations can be added at any time.

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