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Option Menus By Module

OOo Writer
Language Settings Writer Writer/Web Base
OOo Calc
Language Settings Calc Base
OOo Impress
Language Settings Impress Base
OOo Draw
Language Settings Draw Base
OOo Base
Language Settings Base

Options By Menu

Menu Category Section Description of Options Global/Document specific
Option Menu Modules Description All modules General settings for working with Covers topics such as user data, saving, printing, paths to important files and directories, and color defaults. User Data Address User's Company, Name, Address, and Contact Info General Help Tips, and Help Agent General Open/Save Dialogs Use dialogs General Document status Printing sets "document modified" status General Document status Interpret as year between 1930 and 2029 Memory Undo Number of steps Memory Graphics cache Use for OOo..., Memory per object..., Remove from memory after... Memory Cache for inserted objects Number of objects Memory Quickstarter Load during start-up View User Interface Scaling, Icon size and style, use system font View Menu Show icons in menu View Font Lists Show preview of fonts, show font history View 3D view Use OpenGL, use dithering, object refresh during interaction View Mouse Mouse positioning, middle mouse button Print Reduce print data Settings for (either): Printer or Print to file Print Printer Reduce transparency, reduce gradients, reduce bitmaps, convert colors to grayscale Print Printer warnings Paper size, paper orientation, transparency Paths Paths used by Pretty self explanatory Colors Properties Menu to review and make new default colors Fonts (None) Apply replacement table and the replacement table Fonts Font settings for HTML and Basic sources Fonts and Size Security Security options and warnings Adjust security related options and define warnings for hidden information in documents. Security Passwords for web connections Persistently save passwords protected by a master password Global Security Macro security Adjust the security level for executing macros and specify trusted macro developers. Security File sharing options for this document Open this doc. in read-only mode, record changes Appearance Color scheme Set the default scheme Appearance Custom colors A table with columns: User interface elements, color setting, previews Accessibility Miscellaneous options Support assistive technology tools, use text selection cursor in read-only text docs, allow animated graphics, allow animated text, help tips dissappear after... Accessibility Options for high contrast appearance Automatically detect high contrast mode of OS, use auto font color for screen display, use system colors for page previews Java Java options Use a Java runtime environment, and a table with already installed JRE Online Update Online Update Options Check for updates automatically, check now, download updates automatically
Load/Save All modules General load/save settings
Load/Save General Load Load user-specific settings with the doc, load printer settings with the doc
Load/Save General Save Edit doc properties before saving, always create backup copy, save AutoRecovery info every..., size optimization for XML format, warn when not savings in OpenDoc or default format
Load/Save General Save URLs relative to File system, internet
Load/Save General Default file format Document type..., always save as...
Load/Save VBA Properties Microsoft Word 97/2000 Load Basic code to edit, save original Basic code again
Load/Save VBA Properties Microsoft Excel 97/2000 Load Basic code to edit, save original Basic code again
Load/Save VBA Properties Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000 Load Basic code to edit, save original Basic code again

Load/Save Microsoft Office (none) A table that allows users to specify whether to load and convert, and/or convert and save MSO objects as OOo objects
Load/Save HTML Compatibility Font sizes Size 1..., Size 2..., etc...
Load/Save HTML Compatibility Import Use 'English (USA)' locale for numbers, import unknown HTML tags as fiels, ignore font settings
Load/Save HTML Compatibility Export Export type, Basic (Display warning), Print Layout, Copy local graphics to Internet, Character set...
Language Settings All modules Language settings and Writing Aids
Language Settings Languages Language of User interface..., local settings..., decimal separator key..., default currency...
Language Settings Languages Default languages for documents Western..., Asian..., CTL..., For the current document only User specifies!!
Language Settings Languages Enhanced language support Enabled for Asian languages, enabled for complex text layout (CTL)
Language Settings Writing Aids Writing aids A list of: Available language modules, available language modules, options
OOo Writer Writer
OOo Writer General Update Update links when loading: Always/On request/Never; Automatically: Fields, Charts
OOo Writer General Settings Measurement unit: Inch; Tab stops: 0.49"
OOo Writer View Guides Guides while moving; Simple handles; Large handles
OOo Writer View Display Graphics and objects; Tables; Drawings and controls; Field codes; Notes
OOo Writer View View Horizontal scrollbar; Vertical scrollbar; Ruler: Horizontal ruler, inch; Vertical ruler, inch; Smooth scroll
OOo Writer Formatting Aids Display of Paragraph end; Custom hyphens; Spaces; Non-breaking spaces; Tabs; Breaks; Hidden text; Fields: Hidden Text; Fields: Hidden paragraphs
OOo Writer Formatting Aids Direct cursor Direct cursor; Insert: Paragraph alignment, Left paragraph margin, Tabs, Tabs and spaces
OOo Writer Formatting Aids Cursor in protected areas Enable
OOo Writer Grid Grid Snap to grid; Visible grid
OOo Writer Grid Resolution Horizontal, 0.39"; Vertical, 0.39"; Synchronize axes
OOo Writer Grid Subdivision Horizontal, 1 point(s); Vertical, 1 point(s)

OOo Writer Basic Fonts Basic fonts (Western) Default, Font, Size; Heading, Font, Size; List, Font, Size; Caption, Font, Size; Index, Font, Size; Current document only

OOo Writer Print Contents Graphics; Tables; Drawings; Controls; Background; Print black
OOo Writer Print Pages Left pages; Right pages; Reversed; Brochure
OOo Writer Print Notes None/Notes only/End of document/End of page
OOo Writer Print Other Print automatically inserted blank pages; Create single print jobs; Paper tray from printer settings; Fax, "<none>"
OOo Writer Table Default
OOo Writer Table Input in tables
OOo Writer Table Keyboard handling
OOo Writer Changes Text Display
OOo Writer Changes Lines changed
OOo Writer Compatibility Compatibility options for OOo Options menu.odt Options
OOo Writer AutoCaption Add captions automatically when inserting:
OOo Writer MailMerge E-mail User information Your name; E-mail address; Send replies to different e-mail address; reply address

OOo Writer MailMerge E-mail Outgoing server (SMTP) settings Server name, Port; Use secure connection (SSL); Server Authentication
OOo Writer MailMerge E-mail (none) Test Settings
OOo Writer/Web Writer
OOo Writer/Web View
OOo Writer/Web Formatting Aids
OOo Writer/Web Grid
OOo Writer/Web Print
OOo Writer/Web Table
OOo Writer/Web Background
OOo Calc Calc
OOo Calc General Metrics
OOo Calc General Updating
OOo Calc General Input Settings
OOo Calc View Visual Aids
OOo Calc View Display
OOo Calc View Objects
OOo Calc View Window
OOo Calc Calculate Iterative References
OOo Calc Calculate Date
OOo Calc Calculate (none)
OOo Calc Sort Lists (none)
OOo Calc Changes Colors for changes
OOo Calc Grid Grid
OOo Calc Grid Resolution
OOo Calc Grid Subdivision
OOo Calc Print Pages
OOo Calc Print Sheets
OOo Impress Impress
OOo Impress General Text Objects
OOo Impress General New Document
OOo Impress General Settings
OOo Impress General Start Presentation
OOo Impress General Compatibility
OOo Impress View Alternative Display
OOo Impress View Display
OOo Impress Grid Grid
OOo Impress Grid Resolution
OOo Impress Grid Subdivision
OOo Impress Grid Snap
OOo Impress Grid Snap Position
OOo Impress Print Contents
OOo Impress Print Quality
OOo Impress Print Print
OOo Impress Print Page Options
OOo Draw Draw
OOo Draw General Text Objects
OOo Draw General Settings
OOo Draw General Scale
OOo Draw General Compatibility
OOo Draw View Alternative Display
OOo Draw View Display
OOo Draw Grid Grid
OOo Draw Grid Resolution
OOo Draw Grid Subdivision
OOo Draw Grid Snap
OOo Draw Grid Snap Position
OOo Draw Print Quality
OOo Draw Print Print
OOo Draw Print Page options
OOo Base All Modules
OOo Base Connections Connection pool
OOo Base Databases Registered Databases
Charts All Modules
Charts Default Colors Chart Colors
Charts Default Colors Color Table
Internet All Modules
Internet Proxy Settings Proxy Server, System; HTTP Proxy, Port; FTP Proxy, Port; No proxy for, "Separator ;"
Internet Search Search in
Internet Mozilla Plug-in Mozilla Plug-in Enable
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