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This page is for designing the names of commands and their synonyms. The items are shown as they appear in menu entries and button tool tips, followed by additional or replacement command names for each.

Items are listed only once: that is, if an item is listed as a menu entry, it should not be listed again as a button, and if it is listed as a button in one tool bar, it should not be listed in another tool bar. Button tool bars are shown in order of approximate importance.

Main menu entries

Menu entry Command name
File New Text document Create a new OpenOffice text document
File New Text document Create a new OpenOffice text document
File New Text document Create a new OpenOffice text document
File New Spreadsheet Create a new OpenOffice spreadsheet
File New Presentation Create a new presentation
File New Drawing Create a new drawing
File New HTML document Create a new HTML document
File New XML form document Create a new XML document
File New Master document Create a new master document
File New Labels
File New Business cards
File New Templates and documents
File Open... Open a document file...
File Recent documents (There will be one command for each recent document, called "Recent document XXX" where XXX is the name of the file.)
File Wizards Letter... Write a new Letter (wizard)...
File Wizards Fax... Write a new Fax (wizard)...
File Wizards Agenda... Write a new Agenda (wizard)...
File Wizards Presentation... Create a new Presentation (wizard)...
File Wizards Web page... Create a new Web page (wizard)...
File Wizards Document converter... Convert a document format...
File Wizards Euro converter... Convert money amounts to Euro currency...
File Wizards Install new dictionaries... Install a new dictionary...
File Close Close the current file
File Save Save the current file
File Save As... Save current file as ...
File Reload Reload the current file
File Versions... Manager the versions of the current document...
File Export... Export the current document...
File Export as PDF Export the current document as PDF
File Send Document as e-mail Send the current document as e-mail...
File Send E-mail as OpenDocument text...
File Send E-mail as Microsoft Word...
File Send E-mail as PDF...
File Send Create master document
File Send Create HTML document
File Send Outline to presentation
File Send Outline to Clipboard
File Send Create autoAbstract...
File Send AutoAbstract to presentation...
File Properties...
File Digital signatures...
File Templates Organize...
File Templates Save...
File Templates Edit...
File Preview in Web browser
File Page preview Preview how your document will look when it is printed
File Print... Print the current file...
File Printer settings... Set up a printer...
File exit
Edit (Can't) Undo (menu showing changes) Undo (1) typing "Hello there! How are you?" / Undo (2) typing "Hello"
Edit (Can't) Redo (menu showing changes) Redo (1) typing "Bye now see you later!" / Undo (2) typing "Bye"
Edit (Can't) Repeat (action) Repeat the last action
Edit Cut Cut the selected {text/table/image/formula/object/...} to the clipboard
Edit Copy Copy the selected {text/table/image/formula/object/...} to the clipboard
Edit Paste Past the {text/table/image/formula/object/...} from the clipboard
Edit Paste special...
Edit Selection mode Standard Use standard selection mode (rather than block area)
Edit Selection mode Block area Use block area selection mode
Edit Select all Select all (whole document)
Edit Changes Record (toggle) Record changes / Stop recording changes
Edit Changes Protect records... Protect records of changes...
Edit Changes Show (toggle) Show changes / Hide changes
Edit Changes Accept or reject... Accept or reject changes...
Edit Changes Comment...
Edit Changes Merge document...
Edit Compare document... Compare the current document to another document
Edit Find & replace... Find and replace text...
Edit Navigator
Edit AutoText...
Edit Exchange database
Edit Fields...
Edit Footnote...
Edit Index entry...
Edit Bibliography entry...
Edit Hyperlink
Edit Links...
Edit Plug-in
Edit Image map
Edit Object ???
View Print layout (alt1) View document in print layout
View Web layout (alt2) View document in Web layout
View Toolbars 3D-settings (toggle) {View/Hide} the 3D-settings tool bar
View Toolbars Align (toggle) {View/Hide} the Align tool bar
View Toolbars Bullets and numbering (toggle) {View/Hide} the Bullets and Numbering tool bar
View Toolbars Drawing (toggle) {View/Hide} the Drawing tool bar
View Toolbars Drawing object properties (toggle) {View/Hide} the Drawing Object Properties tool bar
View Toolbars Font work (toggle) {View/Hide} the Font Work tool bar
View Toolbars Form controls (toggle) {View/Hide} the Form Controls tool bar
View Toolbars Form design (toggle) {View/Hide} the Form Design tool bar
View Toolbars Form navigation (toggle) {View/Hide} the Form Navigation tool bar
View Toolbars Formatting (toggle) {View/Hide} the Formatting tool bar
View Toolbars Frame (toggle) {View/Hide} the Frame tool bar
View Toolbars Insert (toggle) {View/Hide} the Insert tool bar
View Toolbars Media playback (toggle) {View/Hide} the Media Playback tool bar
View Toolbars OLE-Object (toggle) {View/Hide} the OLE-Object tool bar
View Toolbars Picture (toggle) {View/Hide} the Picture tool bar
View Toolbars Standard (toggle) {View/Hide} the Standard tool bar
View Toolbars Standard (viewing mode) (toggle)
View Toolbars Table (toggle) {View/Hide} the Table tool bar
View Toolbars Table object (toggle) {View/Hide} the Table Object tool bar
View Toolbars Text object (toggle) {View/Hide} the Text Object
View Toolbars Tools (toggle) {View/Hide} the Tools tool bar
View Toolbars Hyperlink bar (toggle) {View/Hide} the Hyperlink tool bar
View Toolbars Formula (toggle) {View/Hide} the Formula tool bar
View Toolbars Customize... (toggle) Customize the tool bars...
View Toolbars Reset (toggle)
View Status bar (toggle) {View/Hide} the status bar
View Input methods status (toggle) {View/Hide} the Input Methods status
View Ruler (toggle) {View/Hide} the ruler
View Text boundaries (toggle) {View/Hide} the text boundaries
View Field shadings (toggle) {View/Hide} the field shadings
View Nonprinting Characters (toggle) {View/Hide} non-printing characters
View Hidden paragraphs (toggle) {View/Hide} hidden paragraphs
View Full screen View the document full screen
View Zoom... Change the zoom...
Insert Manual break... Insert a manual break...
Insert Fields Date Insert a date field
Insert Fields Time Insert a time field
Insert Fields Page number Insert a field showing the current page number
Insert Fields Page count Insert a page-count field
Insert Fields Subject
Insert Fields Title
Insert Fields Author Insert an Author field
Insert Fields Other... Insert other fields...
Insert Special character... (param: character name) Insert special character...
Insert Formatting mark Non-breaking space Insert a non-breaking space
Insert Formatting mark Non-breaking hyphen Insert a non-breaking hyphen
Insert formatting mark Optional hyphen Insert an optional hyphen
Insert Section... (param: number of columns; menu to select visually) Insert a section...
Insert Hyperlink Insert a hyperlink
Insert Header Default (toggle)
Insert Footer Default (toggle)
Insert Footnote... Insert a footnote...
Insert Caption... Insert a caption...
Insert Bookmark... Insert a bookmark...
Insert Cross-reference... Insert a cross-reference...
Insert Note... Insert a note (a comment)...
Insert Script... Insert a script...
Insert Indexes and tables Entry...
Insert Indexes and tables Indexes and tables...
Insert Indexes and tables Bibliographic entry...
Insert Envelope...
Insert Frame... (param: number of columns)
Insert Table... (param: number of rows "x" number of columns; selection menu)
Insert Horizontal ruler...
Insert Picture From file... (param: file name) Insert a picture from file...
Insert Picture Scan Select source... Scan a picture...
Insert Picture Scan Request...
Insert Movie and sound... (param: file name) Insert a movie or sound from file...
Insert Object OLE object... Insert an OLE object
Insert Object Plug-in... Insert a plug-in
Insert Object Sound...
Insert Object Video...
Insert Object Applet...
Insert Object Formula
Insert Object Chart...
Insert Floating frame
Insert File...
Format Default formatting Change to default formatting
Format Character... Character formatting...
Format Paragraph... Paragraph formatting...
Format Bullets and numbering... Format bullets and numbering...
Format Page... Page formatting...
Format Change case Uppercase Upper case the selected text
Format Change case Lowercase Lowercase the selected text
Format Columns... Column formatting
Format Sections... Section formatting
Format Styles and formatting Styles and formatting...
Format AutoFormat While typing (toggle) Auto-format while typing {on/off}
Format AutoFormat Apply Apply auto-format
Format AutoFormat Apply and edit changes
Format Anchor To page (alt1) Anchor the object to the page
Format Anchor To Paragraph (alt2) Anchor the object to the paragraph
Format Anchor To Character (alt3) Anchor the object to a character
Format Anchor As Character (alt4) Anchor the object as a character
Format Anchor To Frame (alt5) Anchor the object to the frame
Format Wrap Wrap off (alt1) Wrapping off
Format Wrap Page wrap (alt2) Wrap text to the page
Format Wrap Optimal page wrap (alt3) Wrap text optimally
Format Wrap Wrap through (alt4) Wrap through the object
Format Wrap In background (alt5) Wrap in the background
Format Wrap Contour (alt6)
Format Wrap Edit contour...
Format Wrap First paragraph (alt7)
Format Wrap Edit...
Format Alignment Left (alt1) Align left
Format Alignment Centered (alt2) Align centered
Format Alignment Right (alt3) Align right
Format Alignment Justified (alt4) Align justified
Format Arrange Bring to front Bring to the front
Format Arrange Bring Forward Bring forward
Format Arrange Send Backward Send backward
Format Arrange Send to Back Send to the back
Format Arrange To foreground Bring to the foreground
Format Arrange To background Send to the background
Format Flip Flip vertically Flip vertically
Format Flip Flip horizontally Flip horizontally
Format Group Group Group the objects together
Format Group Ungroup Ungroup the group of objects
Format Group Enter group Enter the selected group to manipulate the objects in it
Format Group Exit group Exit the entered group
Format Object Position and size... Format the object's position and size...
Format Object Line...
Format Object Area...
Format Object Text attributes
Format Object Fontwork
Format Object Description...
Format Object Name...
Format Frame...
Format Picture...
Table Insert Table... Insert a new table...
Table Insert Rows... Insert rows in the table...
Table Insert Columns... Insert columns in the table...
Table Delete Table Delete the table
Table Delete Rows Delete rows from the table
Table Delete Columns Delete columns from the table
Table Select Table
Table Select Rows
Table Select Columns
Table Select Cells
Table Merge cells
Table Split cells
Table Protect cells
Table Merge table
Table Split table
Table AutoFormat...
Table Autofit Column width...
Table Autofit Optimal column width
Table Autofit Distribute columns evenly
Table Autofit Row height...
Table Autofit Optimal row height
Table Autofit Distribute rows equally
Table Autofit Allow row to break across pages and columns
Table Heading rows repeat
Table Convert Text to table...
Table Convert Table to text...
Table Sort...
Table Formula
Table Number format...
Table Table boundaries (toggle)
Table Table properties...
Tools Spellcheck...
Tools Language For selection English (USA) (alt1)
Tools Language For selection Swedish (Sweden) (alt2)
Tools Language For selection None (do not check spelling) (alt3)
Tools Language For selection More...
Tools Language For paragraph English (USA) (alt1)
Tools Language For paragraph Swedish (Sweden) (alt2)
Tools Language For paragraph None (do not check spelling) (alt3)
Tools Language For paragraph More...
Tools Language For all text English (USA) (alt1)
Tools Language For all text Swedish (Sweden) (alt2)
Tools Language For all text None (do not check spelling) (alt3)
Tools Language For all text More...
Tools Language Thesaurus...
Tools Language Hyphenation...
Tools Word count
Tools AutoCorrect...
Tools Online numbering...
Tools Line numbering...
Tools Footnotes...
Tools Gallery
Tools Media player
Tools Bibliography database
Tools Mail merge wizard...
Tools Sort...
Tools Calculate
Tools Update Update all
Tools Update Fields
Tools Update Links
Tools Update All charts
Tools Update Current index
Tools Update All indexes and tables
Tools Update Page formatting
Tools Macros Record macro
Tools Macros Run macro...
Tools Macros Organize macros Basic...
Tools Macros Organize macros Python...
Tools Macros Organize macros BeanShell...
Tools Macros Organize macros JavaScript...
Tools Macros Digital signature...
Tools Macros Organize dialogs...
Tools Extension manager...
Tools XML filter settings...
Tools Customize...
Tools Options...
Window New window
Window Close
Help help
Help What's this
Help Get help online...
Help Translate this applications...
Help Report a bug...
Help About

Tool bar buttons

Tool bars are sorted by approximate importance.

Text object propoerties

Font name...
Font size...
Italic (italicize)
Superscript (toggle) (show "Subscript on" or "Subscript off")
Subscript (toggle) (show "Superscript on" or "Superscript off")
Alignt left
Alignt right
Centered (align center)
Justified alignment


Styles and formatting
Apply style
Line spacing: 1 (single spacing)
Line spacing: 1.5 (1.5 spacing)
Line spacing: 2 (double spacing)
Numbering on/off (toggle)
Bullets on/off (toggle)
Decrease indent
Increase indent
Font color...
Highlighting... (highlight, unhighlight)
Background colror...

Picture (image)

Insert image from file (get image from file; add image from file)
Graphics mode...
Flip horizontally
Flip vertically
Frame properties


Wrap off
Page wrap
Wrap through
Align left
Center horizontal
Align right
Align top
Align vertical center (center vertical)
Align bottom
Line style...
Line color (color of the border)...
Background color ... (color menu; param: color)
Frame properties
Bring to front
Send to back
Change anchor...
Link frames
Unlink frames


Insert table (see #Insert; param: number of rows, number of columns)
Line style...
Line color (of the border)...
Background color...
Center (vertical)
AutoFormat (auto-format)
Table properties...


Apply style...
Align left
Align right
Align center horizontal
Align top
Align vertical
Align bottom
Wrap off
Page wrap
Wrap through
Frame properties
Bring to front
Send to back
Change anchor...
Line style...
Border line color


Center [vertically]


Fontwork gallery
Fontwork shape...
Fontwork same letter heights
Fontwork alignment...
Fontwork character spacing...


Formula text [text box]
Square root
List separator
Not equal
Less than or equal
Greater than or equal
Boolean Or
Boolean Xor
Boolean And
Boolean Not


Frame (param: number of columns)
AutoText [lots of options, not worth implementing]


Direct cursor on/off (toggle)
Graphics on/off (toggle)
Web layout/print layout (toggle)


Edit file (toggle)
AutoSpellcheck (auto-spellcheck, auto-spell-check)
Format paintbrush
Show draw functions (drawing tool bar)


Select tool
Freeform line
Fontwork gallery
Image from file... (param: file name)
Extrusion on/off (toggle)


Rectangle with rounded edges
Square with rounded edges
Ellipse (oval)
Circle pie
Isosceles trianlge
Right triangle
Trapezoid (trapezium)
Diamond (rhombus)
Regular pentagon
Regular hexagon
Regular octagon
Block-arc (rainbow, half-ring)
Folded corner

Symbol shapes

Smiley face (smiling face)
Lightning bolt
"Prohibited" symbol
Double bracket
Left bracket
Right bracket
Double brace
Left brace
Right brace
Square bevel
Octagon bevel
Diamond bevel (rhombus bevel)

Block arrows

Left arrow
Right arrow
Up arrow
Down arrow
Left and right arrow (Double arrow horizontal)
Up and down arrow (Double arrow vertical)
Up and right arrow
Up, right and down arrow
4-way arrow (four-way arrow)
Corner right arrow
Split arrow
Striped right arrow
Notched right arrow
Right arrow call-out
Left arrow call-out
Up arrow call-out
Down arrow call-out
Left and right arrow call-out
Up and down arrow call-out
Up and right arrow call-out
4-way arrow call-out (four-way arrow call-out)
Circular arrow
Right or left arrow
S-shaped arrow

Flowchart symbols

Process (square)
Alternative process (square with rounded corners)
Decision (rhombus, diamond)
Data (parallelogram)
Predefined process
Internal storage
Preparation (regular hexagon)
Manual input (vertical trapezium)
Manual operation (horizontal trapezium)
Connector (circle)
Off-page connector
Punched tape
Summing junction
Sorted data
Sequential access
Magnetic disc
Direct access storage

Callouts (call-outs)

Rectangular call-out
Rounded rectangular call-out
Round call-out
Cloud call-out
Straight line call-out
Bent line call-out
Disconnected straight line call-out


4-point star (four-point star)
5-point star (five-point star)
6-point star (six-point star, star of David)
8-point star (eight-point star)
12-point star (twelve-point star)
24-point star
6-point star, concave
Vertical scroll
Horizontal scroll

Form design

Design mode on/off (toggle)
Form navigator
Add field 
Activation order
Open in design mode
Automatic control focus
Position and size
Change anchor
Alignment (param: #Align)
Display grid (show grid)
Snap to grid
Guides when moving (show guides when moving)

Form controls

Design mode on/off (toggle)
Check box
Text box
Formatted fields
Push button
Option button
List box
Combo box
Label field
#Form design

More form controls

Spin button
Scroll bar
Image button
Image control
Date field
Time field
File selection
Numerical field
Currency field
Pattern field
Group box

Form navigation

Find record
Absolute record
Total no. of records (Total number of records)
First record
Previous record
Next record
Last record
New record
Save record
Undo: Data entry
Delete record
Sort ascending
Sort descending
Auto filter
Apply filter
Form-based filters
Remove filter/sort
Data source as table

3D settings

Extrusion on/off (toggle)
Tilt down
Tilt up
Tilt left
Tilt right
3D color

Media playback

If any of the actions below are executed, the tool bar should appear.

Movie and sound
View ???
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