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I have included the list of open issues and activities that I intend to carried out as part of the phpBB V3.0.9 upgrade below. See Closed Issues and Actions for details on the any completed work items.

The Core Build

  • The core phpBB code base is from phpBB 3.0.9 Download.
  • The following language packs from The phpBB Languages Repository. This presents a "user friendly" forms front-end onto any download so I needed to go through this manually to obtain the actual link and file information.
Download ID
Lang ID
Filename of Pack
Catalan 80495 ca
Catalan (Valencian) Retired ca_pv See note 1
Dutch 80389 nl
English (U.K.) Built-in en (Built-in)
English (U.S.) 80391 en_us
French 81076 fr
Hungarian 80559 hu
Italian 80848 it
Japanese 80443 ja
Mandarin Chinese (Simplified script) 77832 zh_cmn_hans (See note 2)
Mandarin Chinese (Traditional script) 80344 zh_cmn_hant (See note 2)
Polish 80557 pl
Spanish (Argentinian) Retired es_ar See note 1
Spanish (Mexican) Retired es_MX See note 1
Spanish 80466 es
Vietnamese 80902 vi

The pull and unpacking of these into the /var/lib/phpBB/ref309 is all scripted. But note the following:

  1. Support for the Catalan (Valencia), Spanish (Argentinian) and Spanish (Mexican) LPs seem to have been dropped at 3.0.9 so I will dropping them also. The numbers of users with these LPs as default are as follows: ca_pv (1), es_ar (32), es_mx (11). All are in the Spanish forum and only have a total of 59 posts between them. So I will also point all of these to the base es LP as this is the working language of the Spanish forum. This requires a one-off SQL update as part of migration.
  2. In the past I simplified these NL codes to zh_cs and zh_ct, but following the principle of "minimum change" to standard, I am dropping this and w.e.f. version 3.0.9, I will be using the standard naming. This requires a one-off SQL update as part of migration.
  3. One slight annoyance is that these kits vary in that the language and styles subdirectories sometimes 1 and sometimes 2 directory prefixes, but the unpack script handles this.
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