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Comparing Writer-Pictures and Draw-Pictures

Users often ask, why they cannot rotate pictures in Writer but in Draw, e.g.Issue 3545 . They are often told to copy a picture from Draw to Writer. Then it can be rotated. But that picture is another object than the picture used in Writer. In the following table I try to collect all those differences.

A long term goal should be, to consolidate this two kind of picture objects without loosing any special property.

"n.a." means, that it is not available in the UI. It might be possible to do it by a macro.

Subject Writer-Picture Draw-Picture
Object class SwXTextGraphicObject SwXShape
Insert via file picker Insert > Picture Insert > Picture
Insert via clipboard Bitmap/Metafile/SVXB Drawing format
Naming the picture Context menu > Picture > Options > Name Context menu > Name
Flipping vertical or horizontal Icon in toolbar Picture or Context menu > Picture > Picture > Flip Drag green handle to the opposite side
Rotating n.a Context menu > Position&Size > Rotation or set to rotation mode and drag a corner handle.
Crop Context menu > Picture > Crop n.a.
Reset to original size Context menu > Picture > Crop or Type > Original Size n.a.
Raster graphics operations, e.g. filter Invert toolbar Picture n.a.
Wrap contour Contour Editor Context menu > Wrap > Edit > Contour

Transparency is not detected and not used, but shape is always rectangle. The fact, that contour indeed works, can be seen, when the picture is rotated.||

Border Context menu > Picture > Borders Context menu > Line
Shadow Context menu > Picture > Borders Contex menu > Area > Shadow. Shadow is calculated from fill type.
Hyperlink on whole picture Context menu > Picture > Hyperlink n.a.
ImageMap ImageMap Editor n.a.
Assign macro Context menu > Picture > Macro n.a
Save selected graphic Context menu > Save Graphics n.a.
Group with drawing objects, e.g. arrows n.a. Click picture > Shift-click drawing object > Context menu > Group
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