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Mikeleib's real name is Michael Leibowitz. Mikeleib works for the Intel Corporation. Mikeleib is in the United States. Mikeleib works on performance. Mikeleib writes very simple sentences.

This is a little scratch space for buildbot

What's New

The new (experimental) buildbot differs from the original in several key ways:

  • steps (including configure lines) are defined on the slave
  • file transfer is now in-band (no ssh-key needed)
  • builds are triggered by cvs commits
  • per-cws build is gone (currently)
  • fewer modifications to buildbot sourcecode
  • build results can be emailed to tinderbox


  • python2.4
  • twisted2.4
shaun-mcdonalds-computer:~ shaunmcdonald$ twistd --version 
twistd (the Twisted daemon) 2.5.0
Copyright (c) 2001-2006 Twisted Matrix Laboratories.
See LICENSE for details.
shaun-mcdonalds-computer:~ shaunmcdonald$ which twistd

  • perl
  • bash
  • 9.83 GB needed for full build including installset on Mac OS X Intel

The Recipe to Add a Slave

  1. grab a copy of the buildbot 0.7.5: source
  2. grab the diff
  3. unpack the source and apply the diff
  4. build buildbot. Note: that if you want to install it to different prefix such as your home directory see the manual
  5. create the build-slave. MASTERHOST:PORT is
  6. download the scripts and stuff them into your buildslave dir
  7. edit the scripts for your platform (you probably should change #!/bin/bash to #!/usr/bin/env bash at the least)
  8. put in a directory in your PATH
  9. email mikeleib to add ur bot
  10. start the bot
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