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One point at first: I don't like to talk about myself. (but it seems I must do it) :-( ... that's why I will only tell You some small facts:

Born 1969. I am married, have a son and a whole time job as an administrator.

My first contact with StarOffice/ was a boxed version of StarOffice 5 delivered with my new printer a few years ago:-)

And then? A quite normal story... ... subscribing and reading several list on OOo (~2004) ... some requests for observer (and a little bit later for content developer) state ... and so on.

Today I'm

  • one of the Contact persons for website together with Volker Merschmann,
  • Content Developer on, and
  • responsible for issue 37513 (Setupguide2)
  • one initial author of the German setupguide2 with Joerg Schmidt
  • one of the founders of the Germanphone section on
  • member of the German OpenOffice.orgPortable team
  • member of de, documentation, native-lang, user-faq porting and website project
  • reader of some more lists like many other of you ;-)

An now I want you be boring no longer... :-)

'More than one thousand words say deeds'. :-)

We will read an meet us on


Marko Moeller

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