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Our Visions as triggered by me blog entry:

KRs Visions:

  • All OOo is going to be MVC (Model View Controller).
  • There are no different applications any more, but just work approaches, representing the former Calc, Writer etc., internally they are using the same data structures (Models, Views, Controllers), e.g. the same tables in Calc as in Writer as in Impress etc.
  • The API allows objects to be combined in a linear independent way, e.g. creating a paragraph to be added to various tables, documents, sheets, presentation etc.
  • The architecture is strictly event-driven, including I/O. No polling, hanging etc. any more because of slow or failing I/O.
  • Everybody is using the new Uno threading-model, avoiding hand crafted thread related programming mostly everywhere.
  • The GUI is described in a purely declarative language, e.g. as XUL.
  • The build system uses (GNU) make only, relies on dependencies solely and gives useful progress information ("compiling <module>/source/<foo.cxx>" etc.) only, not cluttering the console anymore.
  • We have unit tests for (nearly) everything, so that changes can be verified in concise scenarios.
  • There is in fact no difference between a document and an extension, both can be opened temporarily (file->open) but also be deployed permanently (tools->Extension Manager).
  • OOo would be available as classic installation sets (.rpm, .deb, msi, ...), suitable for the apt/sources.lst, as Java Web Start Technology etc.
  • There is a marketplace where open source developers as well as commercial entities can offer their services.
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