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--- Jesús Corrius i Llavina, Lead Catalan Native-Language Project and Catalan L10N project --- Living in: Barcelona, Catalan Countries, Spain.

  • Born: 21.01.1979
  • Studies: Cinema, Radio, Television, Photography, Computer Science.
  • Job outside Software Developer (mainly C++ and Python), Consultor, College teacher in computer science. Softcatalà
  • Previous experiences: Software and web development, L10N for and GNOME. Worked for Sun to produce the first Catalan version.
  • My mission statement for Catalan version fully supported ;)
  • Hobbies: Programming, Studying, Reading, Cinema, Cultural and social anthropology, Linguistics, Myths, Archtypes, Narration, Ancient and modern gods and religions, FOSS in general.
  • Books: Pedro Paramo, Pale Fire, The Divine Comedy, Homer, Mimesis, Ulysses, Anna Karenina, Moby Dick, King Lear, Antigone, Phaedo, Consolatio Philosophiae, Haft Paykar, The C++ Programming Language, In Cold Blood, Raymond Carver, Chekhov, Haruki Murakami and George Steiner.
  • Movies: Wild Strawberries, 8 1/2, Sunrise, M, The Wind, Pandora's Box, City Lights, Tokyo monogatari, Ugetsu monogatari, The Shame, Dr. Strangelove, Vertigo, Eraserhead, Pauline à la plage, Goodfellas, Annie Hall, Dolls, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Saraband.
  • Music: Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, Beatles, R.E.M, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, Nirvana.
  • Food: Catalan, Italian, Japanese cusines (notice that I didn't mention French)
  • Blog: El Cau del Senglar, la Destral, i la Vaca que ve de visita
  • Photos: here!
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