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My name is Jan, I am danish living in southern spain.

I started working with all themes of software development since 1975, started on Mainframes, Unix servers, PC and down to micro controllers like Arduino.

I had my first software company in 1978 and have been working with international projects most of my time.

During the 80ties I spent much time with the transition from Mainframes to PC and did a lot of protocol development for the internet.

During the 90ties and until 2011 I managed and worked big international projects, primarily in the energy sector. My skills was to find the right tools for the job (or tweak existing ones) and to manage people across borders. My companies used and participates heavily in openSource development.

In 2011 I decided to stop burning my candle light in both I stopped working (for money).

During my years, I have helped (only a bit) with projects like gdb, embedded-linux, mySql and Qt.

Now that I have time, no customers, I want to take more active part in the community.

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