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Usually, when I implement a minor feature, I prefer finishing the mere feature implementation without an actually approved file format change. That is, introducing (e.g.) a new attribute to some already-specified ODF elements is a time-consuming task, since you need to write a proposal, which needs to be discussed and approved in the respective Oasis TC, and finally become part of an upcoming ODF standard. This page is dedicated to collecting my action items resulting from this habit.

proposals to write

This section collects items where a file format change proposal is to be written and submitted to the Oasis ODF TC.

  • form:input-required: Currently, the value of the InputRequired property of a data-aware form control is stored in an attribute called form:input-required. This attribute is not yet specified - need write a proposal for it.
  • CWS dba32c introduced a EnableVisible property for form controls, which currently is stored in an attribute form:visible. Need to write a proposal for this. Probably, the property needs to be stored as style, as it is usually done for other visibility properties in ODF.

proposals in the queue

This section collects proposals already in the queue. That is, they're passed to a TC member, asking for submission to the TC (even if this submission didn't happen, yet)

implementations to adjust

This section collects cases where our current implementation does not match the ODF specification, or a proposal given to the Oasis ODF TC.

  • (none currently)
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