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Purpose of this site

This site has been provided by User Community Volunteers to promote the community of OpenOffice.Org users. Anyone can participate in the User Community Volunteers and other vehicles provided by registering and logging in as a member.

In order to promote this goal:

Create a user to user forum.

Setup a dual registration system for the current wiki.

Provide tools and services:

  • To promote the community of users of
  • The creation of a knowledge base to assist all users of the application

Once you are registered, you may log in on this page or the forum index page. Logging into this site will have the effect of logging you into the parent site so that you may, for example, lodge issues, comments or votes on the qa site, subscribe to mailing lists and edit the wiki.

I would leave the below stuff for a forum page.

Site development

Further developments will include more links in the sidebar of this page and a dedicated links page. There may also be provision for members and groups of members to have blogs on the site. A privacy policy statement will be added to the site.

Site administration

Management of the site is under the control of a management group of volunteers. Any member of the site may join the management group by applying on the user groups page of the forum. By joining the management group, you become eligible to hold office and to participate in elections of the board and other decisions made by the group. The group hopes to provide access to training materials and opportunities for its members.

By joining the group, you also agree to the management charter. The group has delegated administration to a board of directors. The board has primary responsibility for appointing web masters, administrators and moderators from the members of the management group.

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