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First I would like to apologize to speak and write such a bad english... but as my fathers always told me, the first and most important thing is to be understood ! I simply try this here ;-) Feel free to correct my misspellings and thanks in advance, for that too.

I'm trying to focuses only on the Documentation Project... and particularly on it's structure. With the fact that there is an international project and some documentation in many languages, even if the native-lang one is (naturally) the more represented.

The goal of this short page is to define a valuable category tree for (the French) localization(s).

After update , I redefine the goal of this page with more headings. Hopefully the page name is still valid. :-)

About Categories

How should I attribute categories so that all the French documentation (for example) could appears in a nice way through dynamic page lists ?

I see two major and different ways to could use them :

For example, I've just added a new French entry in Documentation FAQ about paragraph styles in Writer. (It's not a translation of another language).

  1. Keywords
    In the case of a "keyword" behavior, I'll add four categories :
    1. [[Category:Documentation]]
    2. [[Category:FR]]
    3. [[Category:Writer|Style_Paragraphe]], so that in the Writer category it will be sorted at "Style_Paragraphe" (yes, with the final "e" cause we are in the FR domain)
    4. [[Category:FAQ|Style_Paragraphe]]
    With this concept a category such as Writer could become huge and thus not really readable. It could only be used through <DPL> requests. On the other side there are not hundred of categories for each language, because "Documentation", "Writer" and "FAQ" are common words for nearly every localization.
  2. Meta-Keywords
    There's just one category to use : It would be just like the Category:Documentation/FAQ/Writer, and by this way there's nothing to change with English language.
    This concept imply much more categories to be created for each language. And Documentation from different countries could not be retrieved so easily, although each country should have it's own Documentation category, with the Category:Documentation and the Category:NLC as super-category
  3. A compromise
    Using both Category:Documentation/FAQ/Writer and Category:FR
    But if it look easy for others language, this will all mix in the English Documentation.
    Or the same apply in English with the combination of both Category:Documentation/FAQ/Writer and Category:EN

The second option has been retained.

About Templates

Citation of a page/file of an external site

Should it be a nice idea to have one or two (or even more) templates for refering to external documentation ?

Something near from those for WikiPedia :

We could have Template:CitePage for an external page and Template:CiteFile for a downloadable file direct link... or one template with more sophisticated parameters...

And in the same way, i.e. the French version, Template:FR/CitePage and Template:FR/CiteFichier

A French Example with
Entering Could give
|Titre=Débuter à partir d'une application exemple commentée
|Description=Questions fréquentes sur la mise en oeuvre de Base. 
Les exemples présentés ici n'utilisent volontairement aucune macro.
Débuter à partir d'une application exemple commentée

Questions fréquentes sur la mise en oeuvre de Base. Les exemples présentés ici n'utilisent volontairement aucune macro.
Dernière mise à jour : 10 Sept. 2007
Lien :
Or it could look like Template:Specification Header
Specification Status
Author Pierre-Yves Samyn
Last Change 2007-09-10
Status (Help) Standard
My first Template ! Template:FR/CitePage
|Titre=This title is given via a template...
|Auteur=Pierre-Yves Samyn
|Description=Le Titre véritable est : 
Débuter à partir d'une application exemple commentée. 
Questions fréquentes sur la mise en oeuvre de Base. 
Les exemples présentés ici n'utilisent volontairement aucune macro.
See FR/Externe/Base/Documents/Debuter:_Application_exemple_commentee

This way we could have a normalization for formatting pages that point to external links. The'll all have the same look and could be easily categorized, and thus the reader could see (at least in the FR domain) much more documentation easily...


For icon display, I intend to build : Template:Icon. If it fail it will only be candidate for speedy deletion :-)

For this purpose one's need to use the ParserFunctions extension from MediaWiki.

If a was a working template...
2nd Parameter: Position. Mapping: Call Result of the template :
Nine values from 1 to 9
From Top Left
To bottom Right
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
Code :

The result is now a 40 pixels floating Calc icon, at the top right of the cell...

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