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Real Name: Andrew Loughran

DOB: 22nd March 1986

Location: Birmingham, UK, living in Crewe for University at MMU Cheshire.

Degree: Studying BA joint hons psychology and business.

Online Interests: expansion, Linux, OpenSource, Web-based technology.

Offline Interest: Music, Sport, Odd-jobs and building comps.

Contributions to OOo: Trying to involve as much as possible on business-based projects. Have installed copies on about 15 students computers. Listening to people's views that I have given the software too, and lurked on the discussion and users lists to see if their problems were being answered. Hoping to donate some time/effort to the OOo marketing project.

Weaknesses: Many. I can't program, though i'm enthusiastic about learning - don't know how to go about it. Would preferably like jobs where I can learn a little about programming as well as provide a less technical approach with marketing ideas and implementation.

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