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Type: effort Owner: Kay Ramme Status: 15%

Lots of the Uno documentation are still located on the website. As the Uno Wiki should be the location for Uno documentation, the documentation needs to move.


The Uno documentation on is accessible by CVS only. Parts of the documentation are outdated or incorrect. No common style has been applied.


The goal is to move all documentation from into the wiki and to provide it to be easy accessible, understandable and consistent.

The documentation on

  • needs to be reviewed and classified,
  • needs to be migrated if still suitable, either directly, if consistent with the Uno wiki structure, or may needs to be split (e.g. to binary Uno and Java Uno),
  • needs to be linkified,
  • while the entries in the CVS need to be deleted after migration.

Time Plan



Title State
Rework UDK main page done
Redirect Uno page to open - Wiki redirects do not work with external pages - need to find a solution
Migrate documents in progress (see below)

Documents State

Comment Source Target State
OUString with a Buffer - UNO String Construction and Destruction Analysis. udk/common/man/concept/string_invest.html Uno/Binary/Analysis/String Performance done
Binary Uno specification about bootstrapping. udk/common/man/concept/default_bootstrapping.html Uno/Binary/Spec/Bootstrapping done
OLE Bridge udk/common/man/spec/ole_bridge.html Uno/OLE in progress
An Article about bridges. udk/common/man/bridge.html Uno/Article/About Bridges done
Binary Uno type library specification udk/common/man/binspec_typelibrary.html Uno/Binary/Spec/Type Library open
Binary Uno IDL types specification udk/common/man/binspec.html Uno/Binary/Spec/IDL Types open
Java Uno IDL type mapping udk/java/man/types.html Uno/Java/Specifications/Type Mapping done
General information and links to other Java Uno related topics. Needs to be reworked and split. udk/java/man/index.html Uno/Java open
The 'C' language binding. This is more or less dead. udk/cpp/man/spec/cuno_spec.html Uno/C open
Remote Unos standard protocol specification. udk/common/man/spec/urp.html Uno/Remote/Spec/Uno Remote Protocol open
Binary Uno library unloading article. udk/common/man/spec/library_unloading.html Library Unloading open
Article about micro deployment. udk/common/man/concept/micro_deployment.html Uno/Article/Micro Deployment open
Specification of SAL text conversions udk/cpp/man/spec/textconversion.html Uno/Binary/Spec/Text Conversion open
Specification of URIs in Uno udk/cpp/man/spec/uris.html Uno/Spec/Uniform Resource Identificator open
Binary Uno library versioning schema udk/common/man/libraryversioning.html Uno/Binary/Spec/Library Versioning open
C++ Uno runtime library API design udk/common/man/apicppclasses.html Uno/Cpp/Spec/API Design open
Binary Uno component naming schema udk/common/man/componentnames.html Uno/Binary/Spec/Component Naming open
Article about Uno lifecycle concepts udk/common/man/componentnames.html Uno/Article/The Object Lifecycle open
Article about the Uno execution model udk/common/man/execution.html Uno/Article/The Execution Model open
Binary Uno type system specification udk/common/man/typesystem.html Uno/Binary/Spec/Type System open
Binary Uno type names udk/common/man/typenames.html Uno/Binary/Spec/Type Names open
Uno Component specification udk/common/man/componentmodel.html Uno/Spec/Component open
Article about remotly bootstrapping Uno/OOo udk/common/man/spec/transparentofficecomponents.html Uno/Article/OOo-Uno Bootstrapping open
Article about the Java vendor framework udk/common/man/spec/javavendorextension.sxw Uno/Article/The Java Vendor Framework open
CLI Uno library versioning schema udk/common/man/spec/assemblyversioning.html Uno/CLI/Spec/Library Versioning open

Note: The http: links above are all relative to .

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