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// This function is environment specialized on "c++<purpose>*".
void takeAnyObject(uno::Reference<...> const & rObj) {
  // We need to remember the callers environment, to "map-out/in"
  // the parameters and return values properly.
  uno::Environment outerEnv(uno::getCurrent());
  // We now activate (enter) the "c++:unsafe" environment.
  // Note: Any other environment suiteable for "MyUnsafeObject" would work as well.
  cppu::EnvGuard unsafeGuard(uno::Environment(rtl::OUString(RTL_CONSTASCII_PARAM("c++:unsafe"))));
  // We "mapIn" the parameter.
  uno::Reference<...> unsafeEnv_Obj.set(cppu::mapIn(rObj, outerEnv), SAL_NO_ACQUIRE);
  // MyUnsafeObj has a C++ [[Uno/Term/Object Binary Interface|OBI]] and is thread-unsafe
  unsafeEnv_Obj->set(new MyUnsafeObject());


  // Whatever "c++<purpose>*" we enter, the parameter passed to "takeAnyObject" will
  // always match.
  cppu::EnvGuard cppDebug_Guard(rtl::OUString(RTL_CONSTASCII_PARAM("c++:debug")));
  uno::Reference<...> obj(...);
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