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author: Kr
version: 160076
state: draft
created: 12/20/2005
type: specification

Binary UNO Loader

Implementation Specific Environments

The Binary UNO loader supports the specification of an environment per implementation.
The Binary UNO loader currently only supports the specification of exactly one environment per component (shared library). With the introdution of purpose environments, a finer granularity is needed, basically allowing to utilize different purpose environments (e.g. thread safe, thread unsafe) in the same component, but for different implementations.
Support for
in components.
Compatibility Issues
While loading a component, the loader checks for the existence of a
function, which is similar to
Parameters for this function are:
  • sal_Char const ** ppEnvTypeName,
  • uno_Environment ** ppEnv,
  • sal_Char const * pImplName,
  • uno_Environment * pTargetEnv
Where the first parameters have the same purpose as in "component_getImplementationEnvironment", while the last two provide the implementation name, respectively the target environment.
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