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The user.services.openoffice.org site is expected to evolve over time in order to meet its stated goals. This requires some process be in place to define, plan and implement these changes.

TerryE 02:49, 15 September 2007 (CEST) -- We need to thing about how we do the wider change management and release management here, as well as the governance of problem management. This board is just a control mechanism for these processes. I also like the idea of having a lightweight board model (much as suggested for election and demotion of members) -- that is we have a closed forum where only specified roles can post new topics; any Volunteer can post a reply; and any member can read it. The process for "minor" changes is to post a change notification say 7 days before the change. Minimum two approves needed to accept; any oppose vote and the change goes to a formal vote of the full board. [But note that only Volunteers can post and therefore get a vote here.] However all system changes are carried out under configuration management and release management.
We also need to think about what administrator actions need similar governance (e.g. banning members for forum abuse) (Drew move this note where you want. T)

The Change Control Board shall consist of the following individuals

  • All = Site Administrators
  • All - Service Administrators
  • All - Content Managers
  • 1 - Moderators
  • All Projects Managers
    • All - Ombudsman ( NON-Voting member )

Functions of the Change Control Board

Review requests for new features / services

  • Would the requested change have a broad usage with members
  • Is the request specific for a group of users
    • define the group
  • Does the request fit with the goal of the project overall

Determine requirements for implementing accepted change requests

  • Could this request be handled by a simple change in configuration of the current software?
  • Could it be handles with minor modifications to a module in the current software?
  • Is there a third party module available for the current software that meets, or can be easily made to meet the request?
  • Does the request require a new support package to the AMP platform?
  • Does the request require new volunteer(s) to manage it's content upon completion?

Coordinate the implementation of accepted requests

Steps to propose a new feature / service

  • Member initiated
    • Via a conversation on the forum
    • PM or email to any board administrator or moderator or ombudsman
    • Sending email to a designated address. ie. adim@user.services.openoffice.org ??? How will we handle this ???
  • Change Control Board initiated
    • Any member of the change control board can propose a new feature / service or change in current service.

How the Change Control Board reporting requirement

The change control board shall maintain a wiki page reporting on it's activities.

Meeting schedule for the Change Control Board

The change control board will meed only as needed. These meeting to be held in a fashion TBD.

Author: DrewJensen (Drew)
Please do not change the logical content of this page without first discussing this on the Talk Page and acknowledgment from the UCV Contact list.

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