The QA Haiku

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How to get started with QA?

0. What is QA? QA is Quality Assurance.
   What is Quality?  Quality product doesn't crash.
   What is Assurance?  To make sure it doesn't crash.
   How to QA?  Follow the following 5 steps:

1. Subscribe releases/AT/ and watch out its announcements.
2. When announced, find your localized snapshot build or release candidate.
3. Download and Install it onto your machine and start it.
   Then you have done the first and the most important part of QA.
4. Tell your community QA lead what you have done and results.
5. If you can not find your QA lead, be QA lead yourself.

How to be QA lead?
 Declare at your local mailing list and be accepted.
What QA lead does?
 Tell dev/AT/ that you are QA lead,
 and ask many questions on the list,
 and ask your community members for help.
You want to do more?
 Sure, there are TCM, QAtrack, TestTool, IssueTracker and various mailing lists you can contribute.
What are these things?
 Time-consuming things.  You need skill to do them.
 You need to read a lot.  You need to ask a lot of questions.
Are you still here? :)
Then let's get started.
Quick!  Start asking Questions!

thanks to Hirano Kazunari for this text

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