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Support for 2 Mac OS X Port developers to go to WWDC 2008.

Apple has agreed to donate 2 tickets for 2 developers to go to the WWDC2008. However we need to find funding for travel and hotel for the 2 developers to go. In previous years the WWDC has proved to be very helpful in allowing the Mac port to surge forward. It is hoped that with some extra help from the Apple developers this June, we will be able to make an even better application on Mac OS X (and maybe even the other platforms too).

Two community members of the Mac port with a track record of contributing, are able to attend, iff their expenses are paid.

Michael Sicotte estimates that flight and hotel will cost around USD$1250 to $1700 (approx €812 to €1104) depending on how soon it is booked. Eric Bachard estimates the cost for the flight and hotel to be €2200 This brings a total of around €3100 for both developers to go.

There is a possibility that Eric and Michael will be happy to share a hotel room so that costs are reduced.

Is the Community Council willing to fund these two developers to go to the WWDC 2008?

smsm1 18:37, 24 March 2008 (CET)

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