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A testplan is an organizational term describing the amount, order and frequency in which test cases have to be executed.

With growing size of projects it becomes more and more time consuming to perform all existing testcases on each build. So a testplan is created that defines when a testcase has to be performed and how often.

Possible criteria for testplans

There exist a lot of criteria that can be applied to determine which tests have to be done at a given time and frequency. These criteria could be:

  • Importance of the feature (Does the testcase test a small ugliness or a crash, is it near the application core or does it touch just a rarely used area)
  • Duration of the test (It would be smart to execute the test in a way that it - in conjunction with other tests - does not exceed a certain timeframe)
  • Platform requirements - especially for Childworkspaces (does this only affect Linux?)
  • Language requirements (Do we deal with a special language?)

and many more

--Skotti 10:56, 21 March 2007 (CET)

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