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The below Directory Server installation instructions are currently sufficient for basic development, but not for production. Please see the Future Tasks section for other topics of interest with regard to Directory Server.

Pre-Upgraded Virtual Machines

A Sun Solaris x86 10 U7 virtual machine with Sun Java Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 6.3.1 and Directory Services Control Center (DSCC) on Glassfish is available at the following URI:

  • Sun Solaris U7 with Sun Directory Server 6.3.1 EE VMWare Workstation 6.5.1 Virtual Machine Files
  • \\\extra_storage\vakilbi\documents\virtualmachines\ds-1\


  • Sun Solaris 05/09 U7 Operating System.
  • Sun JDK 1.6
  • Make sure JAVA_HOME points correctly to your JDK. Many of the installation programs require it.
  • An application server. This document assumes Sun Glassfish (in /opt/glassfish), but contains notes for WebLogic as well.
  • Obtain Directory Server 6.3 and 6.3.1 Installation files via Sun's website: http://www.sun.com/software/products/directory_srvr_ee/get1.jsp. Be sure to download the ZIP version, not the native packages version.

DSEE Installation

Java Directory Server EE version 6.3 and version 6.3.1 share a nearly identical installation process, but version 6.3 must be installed first because version 6.3.1 requires 6.3 to be already installed.

Installing DSEE 6.3

 bash-3.00# gunzip -c DSEE6.3.1.Solaris10-X86_AMD64-full.tar.gz | tar xf -
 bash-3.00# mkdir /opt/dsee
 bash-3.00# ./dsee_ZIP_Distribution/dsee_deploy install -I -i /opt/dsee -p 21162


  • Your DSEE zip filename might be different depending on architecture.
  • The -I option specifies acceptance of the license agreement. Please note this is a capital i.
  • The -i option specifies the installation location
  • The -p option specifies the Common Agent Component (CAC) port number. Solaris already has a CAC using port 11162, so the DSEE CAC needs an unused port, such as 21162.

Installing DSEE 6.3.1

The process is very similar to installing DSEE 6.3

 bash-3.00# gunzip -c DSEE.6.3.1.Solaris10-X86_AMD65-patch.tar.gz | tar xf -
 bash-3.00# ./126750-05/dsee_deploy install -I -i /opt/dsee -p 21162

Deploying DSCC

The dscc.war file contains the DSCC web application, which provides a web interface for the DSEE administration functions. The DSCC web application requires initializing the DSCC Registry.

Initializing the DSCC Registry

Run the following command to initialize the DSCC registry:

 bash-3.00# /opt/dsee/dscc6/bin/dsccsetup ads-create

Deployment on AppServer

1. Create domain in glassfish. Be sure to use the portbase option so that it won't conflict with another domain that we'll create for Sun IdM and OpenSSO. For example, running the following:

 bash-3.00# ./asadmin create-domain --interactive=true --portbase 9200 dscc

And enter the admin user name and password.

 Please enter the admin user name>admin
 Please enter the admin password>
 Please enter the admin password again>
 Please enter the master password [Enter to accept the default]:>
 Please enter the master password again [Enter to accept the default]:>
 Using port 9048 for Admin.
 Using port 9080 for HTTP Instance.
 Using port 9076 for JMS.
 Using port 9037 for IIOP.
 Using port 9081 for HTTP_SSL.
 Using port 9038 for IIOP_SSL.
 Using port 9039 for IIOP_MUTUALAUTH.
 Using port 9086 for JMX_ADMIN.
 Domain being created with profile:developer, as specified by variable AS_ADMIN_PROFILE in configuration file.
 ------ Using Profile [developer] to create the domain ------
 XML processing for profile: Base document [/opt/glassfish/lib/install/templates/default-domain.xml.template]. Profile name [developer].   Processing property [domain.xml.style-sheets].

2. Modify domains/dscc/config/server.policy and add the following to the end of the file:

 // Permissions for Directory Service Control Center
 grant codeBase "file:${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}/applications/j2ee-modules/dscc/-" 
   permission java.security.AllPermission;

Note that this turns off security policies for any application, so it's not appropriate for production.

3. Deploy the dscc webapp

 bash-3.00# asadmin start-domain dscc
 bash-3.00# cp /opt/dsee/var/dscc6/dscc.war ${AS_DOMAINS_ROOT}/dscc/autodeploy

4. Browse to http://[yourappserver]:[port]/dscc to view the DSCC login page

Deployment on WebLogic

Please note I have not tested deployment on WebLogic, but merely echoing what Ludovic's blog states. According to Sun engineer Ludovic Poitou's blog entry on 9 July 2008, DSCC is supported in WebLogic after a minor tweak. The instructions below are from Ludovic's blog at the following URI: http://blogs.sun.com/Ludo/entry/running_directory_server_console_with

Add the following weblogic.xml file in the WEB-INF folder of the deployed DSCC application.

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.bea.com/ns/weblogic/90 http://www.bea.com/ns/weblogic/90/weblogic-web-app.xsd">

Configuring Cacao

Run the following commands to configure cacao:

 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm stop
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm set-param snmp-adaptor-port=21161
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm set-param snmp-adaptor-trap-port=21162
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm set-param commandstream-adaptor-port=21163
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm set-param rmi-registry-port=21164
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm set-param secure-webserver-port=21165
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm set-param network-bind-address=A.B.C.D
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm start

Note that the parameter jmxmp-connector-port should already be set to 21162.

In the last command, replace A.B.C.D with the IP Address.

For instructions on setting the IP address of the virtual machine, please see the Post-Installation Tasks section.

Creating a Sample Directory Server and Enabling Referential Integrity

Create a directory, e.g. /opt/dsee/dsInstances/, to store directory server instances.

  1. mkdir /opt/dsee/dsInstances
  2. nohup firefox "http://localhost:8080/dscc &"
  3. Login
    1. Username: admin
    2. Password: password
  4. Select "Directory Servers"
  5. Select "New Server"
  6. In step 1: Enter Required Setings, Enter the following information:
    1. Host : Known Host: ds-1.dss.com
    2. LDAP Port : 55555
    3. LDAP Port : 55556
    4. Instance Path : /opt/dsee/instances/test-instance
    5. Directory Manager DN : cn=Directory Manager
    6. Directory Manager Password : password
    7. Confirm Password : password
    8. Runtime User ID : root
    9. Runtime User Password : password
    10. DSCC Agent Port : Other: 21162
    11. Description : Sample DS for demoing "Referential Integrity".
  7. Press Nexts
  8. In step 2: Choose Additional Settings, press Next
  9. In step 3: Summary, press Finish.
  10. After creating the server, press Close.
  11. Press the link "ds-1.dss.com:55555" to configure the server
  12. Select the "Server Configuration" tab in the top row of tabs
  13. Select the "Plug-ins" tab in the second row of tabs
  14. Press the forward-arrow button at the bottom of the page to go to page 2
  15. Click to select the checkbox next to "referential integrity postoperation"
  16. Press "Enable" in the Plug-ins panel
  17. After plugin has been enabled, press Close
  18. Press the "Directory Servers" link in the cookiecrumb navigation below the top header of the page
  19. Click to check the checkbox next to "ds-1.dss.com:55555"
  20. Press the drop-down menu "--More Server Actions--" to select "Restart..."
  21. After server has been restarted, press Close

Post-Installation Tasks

IP Address and Hostname

Please see Resetting IP Address and Hostname on Solaris 10 for IP address and hostname configuration commands.

Startup/Shutdown Scripts

Create the following startup and shutdown scripts on the Desktop:

Startup Script

 # start-dsee.sh
 echo "Starting cacao"
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm start
 echo "Starting DSCC Registry"
 /opt/dsee/ds6/bin/dsadm start /opt/dsee/var/dscc6/dcc/ads
 echo "Starting Java System Directory Service Enterprise Edition 6.3.1 Directory Services Control Center"
 asadmin start-domain dscc
 echo "Please wait for the server to start."
 echo "A browser window will bring up the DSCC homepage"
 nohup firefox "localhost:8080/dscc" &

Shutdown Script

 echo "Stopping Java System Directory Service Enterprise Edition 6.3.1 Directory Services Control Center"
 asadmin stop-domain dscc
 echo "Stopping DSCC Registry"
 /opt/dsee/ds6/bin/dsadm stop /opt/dsee/var/dscc6/dcc/ads
 echo "Stopping cacao"
 /opt/dsee/dsee6/cacao_2/usr/sbin/cacaoadm stop

Related Documents

Future Tasks

The above Directory Server installation would work fine for basic development, but not for production. The following topics should be looked into:

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