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Template Name Template:OOPM:Templates:Documentation:Shared:StandardDeprecationNotice
Author Carsten Klein "rts" <carsten.klein@abstraxion.de>
Created 2009-04-09
Edited 2009-005-08


Used for template/article deprecation notices.

This template should be included with any template/article that is considered deprecated.



Parameter Reference

  • template
The urn of the template. This will be used for display in for example the deprecation notice.
E.g. FooBar:1.0
  • alternate (optional)
The urn of the alternative template to be used instead. This will be used for display in
the deprecation notice.
E.g. FooBar:1.1


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not edit a/o create the below dummy links.

DEPRECATION NOTICE FooBar has been deprecated. Please use the provided alternative [[BarsFooNeverWentTo]].

Uses Template:OOPM:Templates:Documentation:Shared:StandardTemplateHeader

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