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DevGuide InterWiki Languages Template

This template is fairly simple to use. When a new language is made available for the Developer's Guide, you need to add the language once to this template, and the InterWiki links for that language will be automatically added to all other translations of the Developer's Guide.

Documentation note.png Do not use this specific template outside of the Developer's Guide. This template assumes that all languages in the list above are available. If you add this template to a page or a book outside of the Developer's Guide you will get all languages that the Developer's Guide is available in applied to the external page.

If you want to use this Template in another Wiki page, copy it, and give it a new unique name that identifies it as belonging to a book or a group of Wiki pages.

Syntax in the Template

The syntax is the same for all languages and is in the form of:


For example to add Japanese the syntax looks like this:


Syntax in the Developer's Guide pages

Include this Template in all Pages of the Developer's Guide. It is already included in the English version of the Developer's Guide, so if you are basing the translations on the English version, just make sure that the Template call is included from the English source.

The syntax should be the same for all languages the Developer's Guide is translated into, and looks like this:


For example, the Template call on the first page of the Professional UNO chapter would look like this:


As long as the translated pages use the same subpage naming structure as the English page, this template will work.

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