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List of Stoppers for 2.0.3 release

   * 59368 [OOo 2.0.3, cmc] - enum is a reserved word in Java JDK 1.5
       build breaker with jdk 1.5: fix was made in latex cws, which was deferred for 2.0.4, so this issue was moved into separate cws
   * 62174 [OOo 2.0.3, es] - VCL.xcu still needs correction of misspellings on real font names, oversight
   * 64180 [OOo 2.0.3, ihi] - crystal icons not available for non en-US or de, because Crystal is not translated...
      unitialized variable, oversight
   * 64352 [OOo 2.0.3, hro] - CrashReporter do not get any stacktrace to send in Win98
      not fixed yet
   * 65066 [OOo 2.0.3, es] - writer doc can't be opened when saved with password
   * 65124 [OOo 2.0.3, mhu] - m166: rsc2.exe crashes (sc680*.res files not built)
     "the ability to count to three surely helps", occured in build tools only, Oversight
   * 65171 [OOo 2.0.3, es] - TOC dialog crashes on Escape
     cd: unexpected side effect
   * 65173 [OOo 2.0.3, hi] - glyph substitution for vertical writing does not work properly
      Error/Exception Handling, Oversight
   * 65180 [OOo 2.0.3, mru] - crash in bad BorderWindow of HelpTextWindow::ImplShow()
     concurrency of threads or processes, flawed design/architecture
     to be ignored: hdu, mba nowaday vcl checks for expired timers while painting and then immediatly call the handler procedure. we make now sure that timer events still we be processed in the regular yield calls only by posting a user event wen an expired times is detected while painting a window.
   * 65199 [OOo 2.0.3, jsi] - "Grip" on toolbar too small under "Blueprint"-theme under GNOME
      defect in third party functionality
   * 65207 [OOo 2.0.3, jsi] - loading the OOo specification template using http:// crashes the office
      used 3rd party functionality unclear or misued, unexpected side effect
   * 65249 [OOo 2.0.3, kla] - Office crash after closing helpwindow
      program logic broken, communication coordination failure
   * 65258 [OOo 2.0.3, kla] - Menues doesen't follow OLE
      used internal functionality unclear/misued, unclear function/interface description
   * 65265 [OOo 2.0.3, hi] - Some fonts not visible on document when option is set to "use printer metrics..."
      program logic broken, unexpected side effect
   * 65284 [OOo 2.0.3, mru] - DOC files opens very slow due to certain type of numbering
      program logic broken, oversight
   * 65326 [OOo 2.0.3, oc] - Calc crashes while changing pagestyle
      program logic broken, oversight
   * 65329 [OOo 2.0.3, sba] - Migration of personal data from SO7 tells that Linguistic.xcu is broken
      Oversight, Typ
   * 65389 [OOo 2.0.3, mru] - WW8: Loop/crash in sfx when opening certain .doc
      functionality incorrect, spec unclear; unexpected side effect
   * 65429 [OOo 2.0.3, jsi] - Macros loading OnLoad not working under Win32
      concurrency of threads or processes, unexpected side effect
   * 65474 [OOo 2.0.3, jsi] - OOo XML export failed with Hyperlinks; Renaming a file would break references
      unexpected side effect
   * 65475 [OOo 2.0.3, sb] - Package Manager UI freezes when working with packages
      concurrency of threads or processes, unknown root cause
   * 65606 [OOo 2.0.3, ihi] - Missing translation in 2.0.3rc1
      merging, oversight
   * 65720 [OOo 2.0.3, wg] - Showstopper: Printing problem under linux, margin cutted
      used internal functionality unclear or misued, unexpected side effect
   * 65724 [OOo 2.0.3, cgu] - Hyperlink with text atributes doesn't work in running presentation
      small error, oversight
   * 65884 [OOo 2.0.3, wg] - Type 1 fonts unreadable after pdf export of writer doc (Solaris+Linux only)
   * 66082 [OOo 2.0.3, nn] - Depletion of GDI/System Resources causes crash
      used 3rd party functionality unclear or misued, unexpected side effect
   * 66209 [OOo 2.0.3, oc] - Cellcontent get lost while reloading bugdoc
      program logic broken, unexpected side effect
   * 66214 [OOo 2.0.3, mba] - Crash while loading xls from Lotus123
      used 3rd party functionality unclear or misued, unexpected side effect
    * 66862, 66863, 66866: security
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