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I just tried OO3 beta, hoping that Mac keys would finally work. They don't. On a Mac, to move between words you hold Option and press Left or Right. On OO3, you use CMD-Left/Right. Also, any useful Mac program lets you use CTRL+a, CTRL+e, CTRL+k etc. as in emacs/terminals to more to beginning of line, end of line, and cut a line. Also not working in OO3.

Allowing people to use several platforms with the same consistency should be secondary to allowing users of One platform to have consistency across the programs they use on that one platform. Mac users are want Mac shortcuts, Windows users want Windows shortcuts.--Kiwibird 13:37, 4 June 2008 (CEST)


jotheman 10 June 2008

I have "Apple + Space" set as a system-wide shortcut for changing the input language. In OOo this shortcut by default will enter a non-breaking-space. But even after deleting this OOo shortcut from the "Customize" menu, my systemwide shortcut won't work.

keyboard shortcuts should follow os conventions rather OOo conventions whenever possible

I really think that keyboard shortcuts should follow OS conventions as strictly as possible. At the present time the shortcuts in OOo are the worst feature of the product. They really make it almost unusable by me.

I'm a long time OS X user and am really accustomed to (at least some of) the OS shortcuts. The need to switch back and forth two different shortcuts systems is not tolerable. If I were forced to make choice between using the rest of the OS and using OOo I would surely choose the former.

The reason behind the choice of supporting OOo shortcuts rather than the native OS one is at least debatable. The reason explained in these pages is that a user that work on two different system would like the current choice better. However, it is apparent that most users will NOT use OOo on other OSes on a regular basis, while they will use 'the rest of the system' on a regular basis.

Clearly the best solution would be to provide some preference allowing one to switch to the preferred shortcuts set, otherwise I would surely suggest going for the native OS based shortcuts system.

By the way: OOo 3.0 is finally a great product also on OS X.

I could not agree more about this. The comment about using the rest of the system on a regular basis is entirely accurate - OOo isn't a too to promote OS-independence or os-switching; it's an editor, and it's useless if it doesn't follow the platform norms. -- Benw 00:38, 4 February 2009 (UTC)
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