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this is starting to become unwieldy - what about splitting it off into smaller articles, with an entry page titled e.g. 'Development environments'?

Unwieldy in what sense? Page load times? Overview when reading? Cumbersome to edit?
I could imagine the following:
  • Keep the ID-utils, ctags, cscope sections on this page.
  • Keep the Vim and Emacs sections dealing with these on this page.
  • Move the general Vim and Emacs and MSdev settings/scripts to pages on their own, and link from here.
  • Do not create yet another entry page containing only links. At least not yet.
Does that sound reasonable?
Btw, when editing talks it is common to click once on the signature button for a better overview of who said what ;-) --erAck 14:02, 31 August 2006 (CEST)
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